GE 666 mark of the beast technical sign.

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  1. GE closing at 666 is a very bearish technical sign that has never occurred during the entire history of GE trading in the open market.

    This to me indicates that friday will be a very bearish day on the markets and the unemployment numbers will be worse than expected.
  2. Will the Unemployment numbers be -660,000 and the S&P will drop to 666.00 too?
  3. IF GE and S&P end at 666 friday I would be real concerned. That is a six sigma event. Only occurs every 1000 years. I doubt that would happen though, seriously doubt it.
  4. if the dow closes at 6547.34 would signal the most pivotal position of all time. I don't know what will happen but it will be so epic and violent your monitor will explode and shoot charting bars through your skulls causing more damage than your mother did doing black tar heorin during your tenure in her uterus. After which, you would proceed to write garbled non-senesical blabber throughout the entire forum spectrum, ranging from coffee forums to the sexually confused forums. This pivot moment would be so severe it would systematically shut down the internet, as the bullshit spewed from your 1/10 working brain waves would clog every TB of bandwidth available known to man. Meanwhile the clogged internet would shut down e-commerce and communications for all business ranging from pron shops to skateboarding havens. Therefore by having all businesses shut down, no one would get paid or go to work, bringing the final collapse to the financial markets and system as we know it. This would result in nuclear war as other countries attemp to collect our debts using brutual force tactic, resulting in the deaths of every species known to man.

    You were warned here!
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    This is just a joke, right? Biblical trading?
  6. there is a # worse than 666
    but we do not speak its name
  7. I use the Bible extensively for trading. This is why I am always shorting.

    It is all there in the revelations.
  8. FWIW, my feeling is their will be exhaustion by the short sellers tommorow. The unemployment numbers will be bad (high 600s), market will gap down and be down big at the open, bulls will rally it hard til around 10am or so. Then the retest of the lows will presume and they will go through to gun the stops at the lows. Then bulls will have another run pushing it up to old highs, some consolidation, then a massive short covering rally marking the end of this smashing. Shorts are just way to complacent here, very casual. My prediction is a +5% rally on all indicies tomorrow, March 6th. Let's see.
  9. 666 million lost jobs on firday?
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    what a joke.

    the close was fix to scare you or what. LOL

    some hedge fund or market maker fix the price on GE.

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