GDXJ Swing Long Setup

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Stock Trader Lance J, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. GDXJ looks like an interesting swing long setup and so I purchased a little in my trading account today.


    I like using a Renko chart with 14 ATR setting for trading gold. Why? Let's face it. Gold is drama. The more drama, the better gold does. Unfortunately that drama often translates into what I call drama-noise on the chart of gold. The Renko helps filter out that drama-noise so the underlying trend is easier to see.

    Gold is up over 8% so far in 2017. It's outperforming the US dollar. It's up so much this year likely because of the weak US dollar. The dollar was strong on Trump hype. Now that Trump has put his entire economic agenda at the mercy of repealing and replacing health care, the dollar as fallen back down. That's the catalyst for the swing long trade in GDXJ. No healthcare program will be passed which will push off Trump's economic agenda again and the US dollar will fall and gold will continue to rally.

    This is a high risk short term swing trade only for me because I have a horrible track record at correctly timing swing trades in commodities because so many factors are involved trading them that go beyond just technical and fundamental analysis.
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    Not sure about gold miners, but gold looks like it's pretty close to a swing high where it's at right now. If it gets back up to 122 again, might not be a bad idea to go short. We're still in a 6-year bear market for gold IMO.

    I'm actually long gold futures right now waiting for the signal to flip short :D