GDP second est. tomorrow and bubble ben bernanke speaking!!!!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by S2007S, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. S2007S


    Tomorrow is going to be one heck of a day, between the gdp numbers, the consumer sentiment report and bubble ben bernanke speaking tomorrow the market is going to be extremely volatile. With the GDP estimates coming out tomorrow anything below 1% and the market will see a severe sell off, on top of that the market is going to be hanging on every word from bubble ben bernanke. The market is hanging on by a thread now with spx support coming around 1040. A break in the SPX and the nasdaq at 2100 could spell real trouble for the bulls. Going to get really interesting. Im sure the dumb bulls thought the dow wouldnt cross below 10,000 again but it did, dont rule out a break below the May 2010 lows and even lower.
  2. Humpy


    Will Ben tell the masses just how bad things are in the US right now ?

    Not likely

    Will Ben mention things are going to get a whole lot worse ?

    Not likely

    Neither the Dems or Reps have the answers

    The usual dose of " viagra " for a senile economy isn't the answer. They have tried the usual stimulants, which would have worked 20 years ago, but not today