GDP #s tommorow....

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  1. 2.0 + ....

    Word up!

    any thoughts amigos?
  2. ninety


  3. market is expecting 2.3

    If the figure comes in above 2.5 i'll see you guys at the next bus stop

    Dow 11800 - 11810 :)

    If between 2.3 - 2.5 ... 11600 - 1680

    Below 2.0 ...
    Back down to low 11000s

    The risk to reward ratios of my research is showing an upside to the Dow tommorow!

    ta ta
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    This is a very important number tomorrow. Anything under 2% and say hello to 11250 again. I think this number comes in somewhere around 1.8%.
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    GDP deflator will be 2%.... ha ha ha ha
  6. 2.4%
  7. The government always burns this number to the upside. Be careful, just look at the CPI recently, it's at least 3 percentage points below true inflation. So, you have to expect GDP to be falsely reported higher than it is. My point being, expect an upside surprise and a lift to the market.
  8. A commited Chartist would claim the answer is in price movement.

    If you look at the frantic ES rally in the last 30min. It shows either new buying or heavy short covering...would need to see open interest to decide.

    Either way it would indicate a stronger market tomorrow, a stronger GDP
  9. -0.1% :D