Gdp On Thursday 29..want To Know Effect On Euro!!

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Where you see the GDP on thursday and eventually what's your bet

  1. GDP <3.3 + i will buy $

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  2. GDP <3.3 + i will buy €

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  3. GDP 3.3 + i will buy $

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  4. GDP 3.3 + i will buy €

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  5. GDP >3.3 i will buy $

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  6. GDP >3.3 + i will buy €

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  1. According to the preliminary estimate compiled by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, real GDP expanded at a 3.3 percent rate in the second quarter of 2005

    Well with Katerina and Rita, we might have a GDP less than 3.3...
    in your opinion..

    Answer the poLL...

    Thank you
  2. Whats ur call guys...where the hell is everybody....
  3. Probably nothing more than 20pip up or down, and will likely reverse that move in about 60 seconds.
  4. i bet you ONE $ you will se a 200pips move

  5. Wow...okay
    at 1.2050 we are at a fulcrum point......will we head south or north.....i feel it coming the 100 pips wave...but from where!!!!!
  6. Z cOmAnDaToRe...

    You're right about the 100-shit popper coming.

    It may come from the GDP... or may not.

    That's my specific direction on EUR/USD.

    My bet's on up.

    Simple reason: Euro's already oversold, so there's more probability traders will be a little gun shy on buying more USD.

    I'm already up to my gagoons in euro both ways so I'll just have to deal with the move when it hits.

    What does Neil think?

    Better yet, what does LON think??

    One thing is for sure, we're 3 days out.

    We should all have a coffee/slumber party and stay awake trading till Thursday! :D

    *ahem* then again, maybe not.

    Z sKaLpEr
  7. Well of course, there will be a point in time after the gdp release that the euro will be either higher or lower by 100 pips. It won't be from the gdp itself though.
  8. Z sKaLpEr

    France is good this time of year...Euro also:) as historical data shows strengh near year end....Z MaRkEt took from me today 69 pip!!!!! either i wait for my revenge till thursday...and just go out ....either i dont sleep till i get my 68 pip back or i dont sleep till i get my 68 pip back....So what to do...
  9. 68 pips? why u gonna give away that 69th pip?
  10. UK CBI on Wednesday is a bigger figure to be honest.

    The revision of US GDP won't move the market move than 5 ticks - no way in the world it will move it a big figure. I would point out that it is the revision for Q2 - that is the period ending June - it is so out of date to make it irrelevant and way before any hurricanes had even started blowing.

    What is that saying about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing?
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