GDP numbers were horrible--read here

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  1. ECONX The Q4 GDP was revised to -0.2% compared to previous figure of +0.6%
    ECONX Q2 GDP q/q-advanced +1.9% vs +2.3% consensus, prior +1.0%
    ECONX Weekly Initial Jobless Claims 448K vs. 393K consensus; prior revised to 404K from 406K
    all the prior numbers were revised downward.
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    Were in a recession, GDP is going alot lower, 1.9% will be a gift over the next 6-12 months as GDP gets down below 1% and eventually 0%.

    Did anyone actually think GDP was going to be strong, if it were not for that fantasy play money that everyone received GDP would be down below 1.5%. Im sure they will create a second stimulus plan to boost this slowing economy. GDP to less than 1%.
  3. i know, it makes me laugh.
  4. And yet even though you and everyone else knew that there was a stimulus package in Q2, YOU missed terribly on where you thought GDP was coming in.

    How can you be so wrong, so much of the time?

    And what does this have to do with TRADING???
  5. S2007S


    Wrong, last night I gave my 1.8% prediction, off by 0.1%.

    Read my posts before you comment.
  6. It's all phony-balony... if the REAL inflation numbers were reported, we'd have been negative on GDP for the last few years.
  7. enkidu


    then why is the USD doing well

    is it b/c of the oiL?? wtf is going on
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    Still down 205 points on the dow.... Tomorrow job numbers, IFFFFF we see anything in the amount of 100,000 job losses or more the dow should sink 300 points +++

  9. A full blown recession would not do this much harm to stock market, as your doom and gloom and negativity did
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