GDP: If US States were Countries...

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  1. If US States were Countries...

    Country GDPs were matched up with State GDPs in this fascinating map:

  2. Very, very cool map.

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    To make as big country as the U.S. productive the way it is is a real accomplishment regardless of Southamerica's drivel.
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    I wonder what it would look like if you compared gdp per person rather then overall GDP.

    For example, Delaware and Bangladesh have the same GDP but Delaware's population is 850 thousand, while Bangladesh's is 150 million.
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  6. Aha, so Sarah Palin is the Equivalent of the President of Ecuador!! And she's hot too, I wish she was president for awhile but alas...
  7. While biden is Bangladesh...
  8. Oh! That means Bush is equivalent of the president of Brazil! I wonder if South America has any comments on that! HA HA!!
  9. we go into recession the world goes into recession
  10. Here's another view.

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