GDP growth?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by EqtTrdr, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. so now when Congress aproves the $89 Zilliion Bushy wants to continue to steal oil I mean rebuild Iraq,

    won't this Defense spending be added to the GDP?

    so now when the GDP report comes out they can say....WOW look ma.... 6% GDP growth.....we told you the economy is going to recover .... (not mentioning at 4% of that is defense spending)

    Am I dreaming this or just an idiot?

  2. What's wrong with defense spending? When contractors like BA LMT NOC et al benefit and keep Americans working, where's the downside?

    From raw materials to shipping finished goods and everything in between.

    That was one reason the country experienced growth in the 1980's: rebuilding our Carter-ravaged defense industry.
  3. Here's an idea.... First I'll forcefully take $100K out of your pocket against your will...but then I'll use that $100K to hire your family members for a while. Your entire family will benefit from the jobs I've created. What's the downside?
  4. One of the things that sux about Imperial police states is that the people are taxed to death and don't enjoy any actual representation. This happened once before, and the men who were being subjugated responded by force of arms. The problem is, in 2003, King George and his army is right here, ready to be used against US. Back in 1775, King George was across the Atlanic Ocean and so was his army.