GDP better than expected??

Discussion in 'Economics' started by abducens, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. After cash for clunkers and the real estate stimulus is gone can GDP still be better than expected?
  2. Highly doubtful, but certainly possible with the data manipulation crap we've been seeing.

    I'm looking for a .7 revision to the DOWNside.
  3. I can guarantee one thing: If GDP comes in on the high side then within 12 hours there will be 1,000 articles on the usual blogs explaining how the government is willfully manipulating inflation data and therefore quarterly GDP was actually -8.6% in real terms :cool:
  4. :) The sheep MUST smile :)

    War = bad

    Health care = bogged down

    Unemployment = large

    Sheep need stroking at all costs.

    "Too big to piss off".

  5. maybe a downward revision to about 3.2
  6. Bang on.