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  1. thoughts comments? no chartist but a bull flag above the 915 level? sorry im an idiot and i cant post charts but any input thoughts??
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    Not sure what a bull flag is but thats an area of demand. Im not in the trade though. Good luck:)
  3. It appears to be a "wedge" that was traced out during the past few weeks. $999.90/ounce may be a good place to sell out "longs" and initiate short-sales. That way, you can draw a "line in the sand" before the market can trade at $1000/ounce. We'll see.
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    You have nailed it Daddy. Im also of the opinion that some strong invisible hand is vigoruosly supporting the dollar. Agressive rate cuts and then dollar rallies its amazing. I wonder when and if they will give up propping it up.

    Remember also the asian banks/cartels hold the largest dollar reserevs would not want to see their welath evaporate so its a formidable opponent, but some one will soon be shaken out, the dollar range is as small as it will get. - look out:cool:
  5. 74.11 I believe is the low print on the bear flag..

    lotsa air below that
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    Yeh its getting hammered