GC vs YG vs ZG

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  1. ts888


    wanted to start a central thread for the pro's and con's of trading the 3 different Gold futures contracts.

    what is the general consensus in terms of liquidity, slippage, volume, fees, etc ?

    I have my own opinions but want to hear others first. Thanks.
  2. I'll take the eCBOT anyday over the scum at COMEX, YG vs ZG is just a matter of size. My opinion.
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  4. I agree about trading CBOT over COMEX but keep in mind its all electronic now so we no longer have to endure waiting 2 hours for a horendous fill in the COMEX pits.
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    Are any of these contracts good for day trading? I heard that gold doesn't always honor trades and will fill your sells lower. Is that still the case? When im saying day trading i don't mean just scalping in and out within a few seconds i mean holding for at least 10 ticks and for a few minutes to a whole session. I never trades around big news announcements either so slippage during that period doesn't affect me
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    what do you mean by "gold doesn't always honor trades and will fill your sells lower. " ? are you referring to slippage? Yeah, there is slippage sometimes just like with most instruments. I am not aware of any extra weirdness. Please elaborate.
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    has anyone been trading the electronic GC? what kind of experiences have you had with it ?
  8. its seems to me that margin and commission per contract are higher for COMEX products ( GC + SI )

    however they have been doing the majority of volume
    for quite some time
    and there is something to be said for "liquidity"
  9. ts888


    yes, exactly. Who cares if you get a $1.00 cheaper RT if you routinely give that up to multiple tick slippage and/or have to deal with wide spread.