GC Options trading hours on Interactive Brokers

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  1. According to the CME contract spec, GC options should start trading at Sunday 6:00 p.m EST.

    As I write this, the time is Sunday - 21:55 EST, and I'm not getting any quotes on IB's TWS.

    Is this some sort of retail broker "standard"?

    I'd happily move broker if I can trade according to the contract spec!
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    You cannot expect activity at this time. You still can place an order and work on this market if you want.
  3. Please inform me:

    If these options, are not traded according to contract spec, what spec are they trading under?

    What exactly is it that defines when the market participants come together to trade this contract? -if not the contract spec!
  4. What he means is no one is quoting. Its not unusual on a Sunday night. People don't quote options because the underlying (GC) has low volume and it would be difficult to hedge out option positions. Quotes will probably be tightest during hours when the open outcry pit is open.
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    The auction opened, and all were invited, but apparently not many showed up to make bids and offers
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    Can you really trade gold on interactive brokers as i was asking them about it and they have told me that i cannot trade commodities on their platform :O
  7. Of course you can trade Gold and other commodity futures on the IB TWS platform.

    Can't imagine who you talked to and how you asked your question that you think you can't.:confused:
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    Well i asked about options not futures contracts , GC = Gold Comex or Gold on nymex they said either way You cannot ... i will paste their reply

    Hi Flip,

    As mentioned in last communication, we offer Equity Options not Commodities Option. We do not offer commodities services.

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    well i had detailed question about options on comex and maybe this guy simply didnt know how to answer or couldnt understand the question and just simply replied that they dont do commodities lol

    that was his 1st reply

    Dear Flip,

    Many thanks for your interest toward Virtual Brokers (“VB”). Our ultimate goal is to help our clients succeed. We provide first-rate institutional-like trading facilities and services to all our clients.

    Please be informed that we do not offer options traded on NYMEX at this time. At VB, you can trade the following financial instruments to all major US & Canadian Exchanges:
    1- Equities

    2- Equity Options

    3- Bonds & Debentures

    You can look at the following link to get the details (https://www.virtualbrokers.com/contents.aspx?page_id=2 ) about us and our services.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-310-1088 or flip us an email if you have any questions or concerns.


  10. To state the obvious - Virtual Brokers and Interactive Brokers are two different companies.
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