GC explained?

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  1. any expert here to explain a little bit about GC?

    one tick worth how much?

    what is normal trading hours for GC? the volmue looks great for evening trading

    and contract rollover date (epiration date)

    give me a link to GC
  2. bought 5 rosy contracts at 1137, great price, looks GOLD will explode, sold it at 1149 just after I turned on my computer, nice nice.

    the only thing to know something is test it in real money

    better than crude
  3. Graham1


  4. hang on a sec, you dont even know how to look up the CME website, and your in for 5 contracts on a hunch gold is going to 'explode'???

    Stupid?? Or just lazy???
  5. I traded trends, do not care about what instruments they are. of course I need know my risk (tick value, margin call point).

    just noticed gold post nicely up trend chart, tried to figure out where the support it is.

    1130~1133 seems great support.

    I found actually any market is just similar (the only difference is the tick value, margin requirement,volume)

    Gold is a great trading tool, margin is just around $4500. lots of traders there, even in evening time, great volume.

    10points gain correspoint to almost intra-day 50% gain (2contract, $2250 margin requirements).

    I am trying to be bold, learning to trade fearlessly, I even shorted QG DEC several days ago at 4.625, covered it at 4.325 at the major support. QG is not good to be traded, volume is too light, up/down 10 ticks is just seconds, could not deal with it. but the margin requirement is great (just $1700)

    thanks for the site

  6. I'm just going to say it.

    You're going to blow up.