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  1. split this week

    hear Etrade not allowing anyone to SELL until Thurs?

    wtf? is this true. sounds like they suck if it is. down over 10% since yest
  2. bet its 3 months before i get a reply here
  3. vanzandt


  4. just21


    Everybody else is on buying a lambo.
  5. zdreg


  6. no, not really. there are very few here that are clued in, count em on one hand , after amputating three fingers
  7. S2007S


    91 for 1 stock split ....haaa

    Wait till it drops below $5 premium is absolutely insane!
  8. GBTC torched.

  9. LOL!!!!!

    symbol change to HODL official

    damn, theres no one else on this entire board posting this gold. I feel alone
  10. I got it @ 18 and as of now I'm trapped. New member here btw, first post.
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