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  1. BOT 100,000 GBP GBP.USD Cash 1.57360 USD IDEALPRO 10:12:26

    stop 1.57155

    target 1.57970
  2. Gcapman


    Be ready for nasty declines before going upwards tho

    Actually it all depends on the FOMC minutes this afternoon

    Either way, be careful

    BTW: your stop loss is way too tight...I guarantee it gets hit
  3. Thanks Gcapman, i appreciate the heads up, we shall see how my top gets hit, I'm already up $150 and tempted to move my stop to breakeven + 1 pip. But some volatility is expected and I don't want to get prematurely stopped out.

    :( stopped out market shifted from range to trending mode and I didn't adjust to what was on my screen.

    now short
    + SLD 100,000 GBP GBP.USD Cash 1.571 USD IDEALPRO 10:56:05

    stop 1.57510
  4. Gcapman


    Usually happens on Fed data days....I had to reverse the long trade myself.......done trading for the day.....
  5. Where are you located and do you have a favorite currency pair that you follow?
  6. still holding short from 1.57072 :D
  7. Gcapman


    Ur either crazy or got balls of steel to hold into FOMC minutes......

    Even if you're right on the trade, the spreads go ballistic and stop many traders out.....

  8. or a liar
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    Sometime I feel like this when I'm in a trade. LOL:p

    yes, I'm still in this boys and girls I didn't get stopped out yet and I'm no liar.
  10. tentative target 1.56400
    #10     Feb 17, 2010