GBPUSD Limit Order

Discussion in 'Forex' started by robbo, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. robbo


    I put in a Limit Order to sell the GBPUSD last night and my trade got excuted at 8.33AM EST today.This was a very Volatile Period the 30 Minute Bar ATR was 196 PIPS.The Slippage on my Trade was 44 PIPS.I havent been trading Forex for long but have never been hit for this amount of slippage before.Is this normal in this type of trading environment or is my Broker having a serious Laugh.I am trading with Oanda.
  2. It is interesting that you got that much slippage. I entered at 8:33 EST with a market order and got zero slippage.
  3. I guess this is where the guaranteed stops of REFCO FX and FXCM becomes a huge positive.
  4. izeickl


    There was a comment from someone on Oandas message boards about some slippage they had if you want to look it up. Oanda did give an explanation about how in such a volatile move slippage may occur in an order.

    To combat this tho, Oanda does let you specify price bounds. So you can specify an upper/lower limit price that your willing to accept, can be 0 if you dont want anything else bar your set price.

    While I can understand you being upset at such a huge amount of slippage, from what ive seen over the years its rare.