gbpjpy SKYPE group chat... who's in?

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  1. So me and a bunch of other friends trade stocks together during the u.s. market, and we have all installed SKYPE. What's great about this instant messenger is that, it has so much more capabilities than MSN or YAHOO.... for example, we have easily initiated two chatrooms.... one for chitchats, market research, and another one strictly for telling others what we are buying selling, so when the others see it, they can take a look on their chart and see if it interest them...

    In addition, what's good about skype is, these are not really room which you have to type a chatroom name or password to join... the chatroom starts out by you talking to another person on your buddylist, then you can invite other people into the room.... and what's good is, once you've been in that room, you can always see what's going on in there by selecting: recent chats: and you can just select the chatroom and it'll take you back in there... this is if you have exited the room.... You can also just stay in there and leave skype in the background... much like msn and yahoo.

    With this, hopefully we can gather a group of knowledgeable GBPJPY traders, longterm, short-term, scalpers, and benefit from each other..... perhaps one person is a good scalper, but he might benefit from the point of view of a person who is good at identifying general market direction.... etc etc

    anyway, if anyone is interested, please post your interest here at this thread and also send me a private message with your skype name or email address that you are using for skype so i can add you to my contact...

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    ps. you can download skype here:
  2. zonda86


    I have been trading for too long to understand the value of single-hand desicion making, but still have somó interrest in bouncing ideas and discussing the subject from different stand points?
    Now I trade GBP/JPY ( GBPJPY ) for no more than 3 mth, but traded $IND, FTSE, GBPUSD, EURUSD, GAZPROM, RAO EES, options binary/american type.

    How do I join the Chat?

    skype: zonda_moscow