GBPCHF is only for a few traders?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by kalzayani, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. IMO
    I think GBP/CHF is a sell off till probably 2.19
    Might start this week
    I think the entry should be around monday or tues
    @ 2.3750 AREA

    i THIN ANWHERE AREOUND 2.15 to 2.19 should years Low for 2.3750 again

  2. waiting for the crash for it
  3. I think usd/jpy tops here 118.9 for a day or two
    I am gonna Long it 117.40 area for 19.20
    I Long AUd/cad at 85.30
    Target 86
  4. I Just Longed
    some shorts auz/nzd
  5. nad/jpy some shorts at 79.30
  6. check out the dive for aud/nzd
    from 1.1420
  7. sold some GBP/CHF @ 2.3705
  8. Wow! what a wild ride... glad I scaled in! When swinging this one do not use 10 pip scales get in heavier than you want!

    short from an Average trade price of 2.3715
  9. got out! with 58 pips 12 hours. I had to get out after seeing that huge 15 minute red bar! how much more could I wait for? it would be silly to hang on...take it!
  10. romik


    Short GBP/CHF 2.3982
    #10     Dec 27, 2006