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    So kudos on getting your target, now I want to get mine. Go GBP!

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  2. Tons of upside here. Plenty of traders on the wrong side and adding. If I remember correctly Soros even tipped his hand that he was short so i'd expect this to continue for a few weeks if not more given the climate we're in.

    Went long very early this morning and sold some and took some profits. Now i've added back another chunk of the position just now given how well it's held up here.
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  3. Next week week GBP/USD will probably continue rallying toward 1.3200. I already have a long position.
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    Lame reaction to pessimistic news from BOE, so we continue upwards IMO

    Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 17.30.47.png

    Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 17.28.21.png
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  5. Big drop on the GBP/USD after the news today. It was to be expected, I suppose.
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    IMO it's not a big drop considering the news.
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  7. doggyfx


    Next target is 1.29 big recovery is expected on US Dollar after upbeat NFP.
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  8. That's very likely. I already have shorts.
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  9. GBP/USD is at the support at 1.2875 which is the MA89 indicator on the D1 time frame. I think that a possible breakout next week could lead to a further drop towards 1.2700.
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  10. GBPUSD is likely to continue rallying next week, considering the spinning top bar that has formed on the weekly time-frame at the support at 1.2770.
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