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Discussion in 'Forex' started by naz9403, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. naz9403


    This chart here is a daily, its what i use to get my direction. I'll scale down for entries into a position.

    This is my real account i have $300 dollars in it.

    Had more but my damn econometrics book was a little more pricey than i thought.:mad:

    Now i know there has been a huge fake performance concern going on here but i mean come on who fakes a $300 hundred dollar account, i'll post my p&l once my position trade is over.

    For all you familiar with oanda you can see my short entry.

    There could be some movement back north but i will only revert to a long bias if a rally breaks 1.9100 high. Stop loss is at my entry which is 1.8937. My position is 6000 units which is .60 cents per pip.

    Only news for tomorrow
    8/18 09:45 US August University of Michigan Consumer Confidence

    Should be a boring day.
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  2. cscott


    I have a GBPUSD long. I think long is the direction for the short term. GBP is regaining some of its losses, and USD is going back down.
  3. naz9403


    I'll post a chart later.


    Took short profits going into the weekend with a light long to feel out the market and will re evaluate come monday. I think the bear usd's are going to have a little bit of a fight left and i expect a bounce upward next week. Still a short bias and will only change if there are new highs.

    This is not a journal so posting blotter is not appropriate.
  4. naz9403


    Whew, good thing i took profits.

    My long is working out well now too, i knew these bulls weren't done.

    I really don't want to start another thread to post my blotter so if you think i'm being facetious pm for a screen shot.
  5. naz9403


    ouch, monster retrace, i think a battle is underway and next week should be eventfull.
  6. cscott


    Yep. Sorry about that. I am now short GBP/USD.