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  1. Any positions?
  2. Hello, TradingWise.

    I only trade that pair in demo accounts, I have no cable open live.

    I track it, though, and have a friend who trades it live, but I've never been able to make consistent money from it.

    My friend told me he "has it figured out."

    Do you trade the pair? If so, how are you doing with it? I know it's a very dangerous pair.

    Kindest regards,

    Brother Ex
  3. I'm just an amateur. I'm currently long, though some news is coming up next week.
  4. TradingWise,

    What news?

    "I'm just an amateur."

    We're all amateurs in the eyes of... Coinz, the god of forex.


  5. omigod.... coinzy, is that you??

    Welcome back man!! I wondered how long it would take to get you back on here. The place just hasn't been the same without you. There have been a couple of pretenders to your throne (one guy called coolweb has tried to take over your place here) but none of them can match up to you.
  6. My thoughts exactly, that writing style just is coinz!
  7. You guys... :D

    Coinz got banned. sKaLpZ got banned.

    Even if I WAS him you think I'd cop to it?

    I have no association with Coinz, Coinzy, sKaLpZ or anyone else... especially on this forum. :D

    So, just get this Coinz fella out of your mind.

    *rolling eyes*

  8. :D
  9. Here we go again!

    wb :)
  10. Why so much emphasis on this Coinz guy?

    I read his profile profile (1262 posts) and sKaLpZ profile (1371 posts) and thru many of his postings - there doesn't seem to be anything worth banning him over.

    In fact, many members here stand up for him in Feedback and elsewhere.

    Other than being a dead-on trader who can scalp a thousand points in a day and that he knows how to get out of a drawdown without losing, I don't see what the fascination with him is.

    Personally, after reading through the Feedback forum, I think it's the whiners and complainers here who lose that have created all the stir in the past that got him banned. You know the type: Those who hate success.

    They're just envious of an advanced forex trader because they couldn't trade themselves out of a shoebox.

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