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  1. Who thinks this it is a long here?

    My view is:

    1. Double 2 day low at 1.7375
    2. 3 pushes lower with bullish divergence
    3. Seems oversold on an hourly/daily horizon fallen 500 pips recently.

    I think long 1.7405 sl 1.736 tp 1.749
  2. Sold 1.7505 before trade figures. Will look to buy dips after the figures today. Nice 100pt though.
  3. Short @ 174.80 now looking for 173.75.
  4. What are you talking about?

    First you say it's a good place to go long. Then you post you went short. Now you're posting a pair that's not GBP/USD.
  5. Original post was:

    Long 1.7405 - profit taken 1.7505 (with dip-buying possibilities on next trade).
    However, seeing the 100 pip retracement/rejection from 1.7578, i have gone short 1.7480 for a profit target of 1.7375.

    Sorry, if not clear.
  6. Ok, got it. What about this, then? Is this just a typo or a different pair?
  7. I put the decimal in the wrong place. What r ur thoughts?
    Quite a wild day. You've got to change your opinion in an instant.
  8. My thoughts? On this pair at the moment, as in the EUR/USD and other similar moving pairs, I have but one thought:

    "stand aside"
  9. I think the Eur/USd is a very good short here too, probably better than the GBP. But they'll go down in tandem. Looking for a 1.19 break to the 1.1870 level. Perhaps with a 1.196 stop loss, in case i'm wrong.
  10. Profit taken at 1.7375
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