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  1. Sobieski


    Buy cable!
    #11     Sep 18, 2007
  2. Sobieski


    OK, you may close your long cable, and enjoy whatever profit you made.

    Niet zac, Juraj.
    #12     Sep 18, 2007
  3. pkts


    Can someone enlighten me whether this forecasts are a joke. He's been wrong every single time thus far. You could only be this bad if you were trying.
    #13     Sep 18, 2007
  4. Peter35


    I think you can keep you long cable on. There's more profit to expect on wednesday when the european market reacts to the feds rate cut. I believe that we can see 2.0500 by the end of this week.
    #14     Sep 18, 2007
  5. pkts


    You think we're done on the upside? New monthly lows? Or are you just swing trading?
    #15     Sep 18, 2007
  6. Sobieski


    pkts, I actually agree with peter, cable has probably got more upside.

    But I am in the European time zone, need to sleep, and am not sure what the Japanese will do with gbp/jpy when they get to work.

    If they decide to sell the carry trade after this pop up, then that'll bring down cable as well.

    So I am getting out, and will maybe buy on a dip somewhere later.

    But if you stay in, the trend will hopefully be your friend.

    Good luck
    #16     Sep 18, 2007
  7. I think he is using the BnB Method (Bullshit n Bear).

    Anyway, closed and reversed my short (sold @ 2.0334) @ 1.9894. Still long. Up 676 pips in less than a week on the cable ( as of 6:30pm EST 9/18). Wonder how the OP made out.
    #17     Sep 18, 2007
  8. pkts


    Ahhh, I see. I'm a longer term trader (weeks not days) so I don't worry about the different time zone reactions. Plus, I don't want to have to follow it thru the night (I'm in the US).

    Thanks, good luck to all of us.

    #18     Sep 18, 2007
  9. pkts


    Yeah, great method :)

    Nice trading, OP only did well, if he reversed all his positions.

    #19     Sep 18, 2007
  10. today's chart looks more interesting
    #20     Sep 19, 2007