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  1. Today we can expect 2. 0400
  2. Todays technical analysis
  3. Thank you for taking the other side of my trade.
  4. DrEvil


    Lol, you might be a little premature with your comment ...
  5. Sobieski


    Hello, I am now 90 pips down, should I stay in the trade? Still 20 minutes to go, is 2.04 still viable?

    Or should I get out, and use you as a contra-indicator from now on?
  6. Lucrum


    Good chance of 2.0017 before any more up side, imo of course.
  7. My today's chart
  8. My today's forcast
  9. Not yet and thanks again for buying what I was selling.
  10. My today's forcast
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