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  1. this morning was the first time ever I traded the GBP/USD...I live in the USA...

    I made +22 pips on a one minute GBP/USD "short/sell" trade this morning...very thankful!

    anyone else trading the GBP/USD?
  2. It was...
    SELL GBP/USD @ 1.5215...11:28am
    BUY GBP/USD @ 1.5193...11:29am CST
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    I know it must have been quite a shocking new experience, but you don't need to start a new thread for every trade that turns a profit.
  4. congrats, I shorted GBP at 1.98 last year. I'm still in the trade, target 1.36
  5. you are right...please share your GBP/USD trading experiences...please do...thanks!
  6. are you very serious or joking? many lots?micro or standard? you daytrade also?
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    I remember once back in September I made 76 pips shorting GBP/USD. Those were the days...
  8. not kidding, spot trade, cannot tell you the size.

    I day trade the DAX and the ES.

    GBP is good for daytrading. I would trade it with a short bias though most of the time until we see 1.36. We may see 1.54 in the short term but long and medium term bearish.

    I would keep an eye on EURGBP as well, EUR should be the weakest of the 3 currencies for some time.

    good luck
  9. what FX crosses do you daytrade?
  10. awesome man and thanks...I've traded the DAX and ES both...really loved the DAX...but moved over to Forex...just my preference to focus on Forex for now
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