GBP/USD for 10/5/09

Discussion in 'Forex' started by jrlvnv, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. jrlvnv


    Shorted at 1.5986 at around 10:45pm pst. Target at 1.5780 stop is at 1.6040. Will move stop to +10 pips if 1.59 if broken....

    Chart I based the trade off of is the 1 hour.

    Would like comments on trade if you feel this isn't a good trade. I am trying to improve so would like some good feedback. Thanks
  2. It appears that Cable is fighting for its life right now, that's all I know...
  3. sakhter


    Your target will hit if you are willing to wait and the whole damn thing does not reverse on itself.

    I'd move s/l to 1.5976.

  4. Bit late, he's already stopped out like 15 hours ago!
  5. It doesn't look like it's too late to go short now at 1.5890.
  6. jrlvnv


    Yeah I got stopped out while I was asleep. Nice tails on the double top and would of reentered but this sleep thing is really getting in the way of trading. Oh well.

    Still looking for comments though on the trade if anyone wants to chime in about it
  7. If you post your thinking behind the trade, and a chart if you use technicals, then people can comment.
  8. jrlvnv


    ok, thanks for the tip

    will try again tomorrow with a new trade. good night