GBP/USD bulls are going to get crucified !!!

Discussion in 'Forex' started by T-Bone Trader, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Huh? This makes no sense whatsoever...
  2. fed fund futures are only reflecting information found in the bond market.
  3. Russia and China are dumping the USD

    this bodes very well for GBP and EUR

    might see some all-time highs in these 2 currencies
  4. Looks like the Cables got resurrected. Still short T-boner??
  5. Nope. Made some very hefty profits shorting the pound last week.

    Been resting for the past few days and am now looking to get back into shorting the pound.

    Thanks for asking.
  6. So what ur trying to say is that the bond market only affects the bond market and has no influence whatsoever on the USD?

    Puh-lease...I thought you were smarter thant that!
  7. Russia and China are well known for their uncanny ability to sell at bottoms and buy at tops. I would put very little faith in their movements outside of order flow.
  8. However their track record as of late has been pretty good.

    Besides, as a relatively small fx traders [in comparison to central banks], it is all about the psychology that their USD reserve confidence-loss produces for more bravado on the part of USD bears.