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    On daily chart looks way overbought with divergence showing up on RSI ... when I looked at monthly chart, wow, from here it looks like the party hasn't even started yet.
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    One of the best pairs in terms of profit potential.
    I've been thinking it over for long now. There's still work to do.

    The most important specialty of the pair, when trading aggressively, is entry point.
    Wrong- and u may lose your deposit in a matter of MINUTES!!
    This pair can go as fast as 80pips in 5minutes & even faster!!Such moves are a common thing here.

    Anything else is secondary. U got to enter right & move the stop to breakeven. That's it!!

    I want to be able to rip off all substantial moves. See 'em all & never make a single mistake.
    That is achievable.
    If one is able to do all of the above he'll make a fortune in a matter of months.
    :D :D :D :D
  3. EUR'YEN has reached the sky. Are we going into outer space?:D

    And what about pound\yen?!:D :D
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    anyone care to shed some lights on where gbp/jpy is going after a big crash today?

    i hope it's starting to reverse to go higher from now


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    By april
  6. It's certainly an exciting pair. I agree with Sergi, get entry right and theres bundles of cash to be made.

    I've been mostly long for the last few weeks but have gone short this morning at 23310.

    It's bounced off the resistance at around 24100 from 1998.

    I know theres no Russian crisis this time but with the nervousness around the carry trade it won't take much to see this pair plummett.
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    How do you arrive that conclusion?
    I see a wolfewave completing pt 5 right now. I hope it'll bounce up from here.
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    Note from a Japanese bank suggesting they wont raise rates next week. Also if the inflation price figures are moderate could put pressure back on the jpy and boost the jpy crosses.

    Monday Tokyo and Nationwide January Department Store Sales and UK February Rightmove House Prices. Tuesday Japanese January Convenience Store Sales, German Producer and Import Prices, UK Public Finances, Money Supply and Bank Lending. Wednesday the Bank of Japan releases its Monthly Report and concludes a two-day rate-setting meeting (where Mizuho Securities expects them to remain on hold at 0.25%).

    But as always who knows?

  9. I will long it using multi level entry...Toward the 142 Target
    Cuse this pair is a dangerous one

    % sure Long Long PT Long S/L _______ Short Short PT Short S/L
    62% 231.37 231.88 231.00 _______ 234.64 234.16 235.00
    69% 231.12 231.97 230.63 _______ 234.88 234.08 235.35
    76% 230.86 232.05 230.31 _______ 235.12 234.00 235.64
    84% 230.48 232.18 229.90 _______ 235.48 233.88 236.03
    92% 229.97 232.35 229.38 _______ 235.96 233.72 236.52
    95% 229.66 232.45 229.05 _______ 236.26 233.63 236.83
    98% 229.20 232.60 228.56 _______ 236.68 233.48 237.29
    99% 228.57 232.82 227.83 _______ 237.28 233.28 237.98
    100% 228.31 232.90 227.52 _______ 237.52 233.20 238.26
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