GBP/JPY retail trader massacre-ratio of long to short positions 26:1

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    GBPJPY - The ratio of long to short positions in the GBPJPY stands at 26.26 as nearly 96% of traders are long. Yesterday, the ratio was at 1.54 as 61% of open positions were long. In detail, long positions are 207.8% higher than yesterday and 247.6% stronger since last week. Short positions are 81.9% lower than yesterday and 8.0% weaker since last week. Open interest is 93.9% stronger than yesterday and 122.5% above its monthly average. The SSI is a contrarian indicator and signals more GBPJPY losses.
  2. i'm sure all longs belong to aces who average down using zulutrader providers.

    these guys will be once again slaugthered.
    the markets love to go against fundamental news.
    tokyo could be evacuated next year, but who cares.

    eurozone banks are kaput, but eurusd will rise above 1,40 soon
  3. Positioning in GBP/JPY becomes even more extreme:

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    Which broker is this? Oanda?
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    Define "soon".
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    if i do an OTC trade, interbank, does it get captured in those numbers? answer is no (ex-prop trader at large bank) , so do you guys agree that it's preposterous to even think of such a thing as a long/short ratio on forex?
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    How about now?