GBP is oversold ! ! !

Discussion in 'Forex' started by cocaineaddict, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. start buying ! ! !
  2. sakhter


    you must be crazy.. buy now? why? do you have a valid explanation?

    are you aware it broke multiple support levels??

    my positions on gbpusd for today is as follows:

    STOP BUY: @ $1.6548, T/P $1.6595 (just in case it's a fake-out, you can never be too sure)

    STOP SELL: @ $1.6410, T/P @ $1.6369

    just my 2 cents ;)
  3. pls help !

    i am long 10 contracts @ avg price of 1.6535

    i also transferred enough money for another 15 contracts to average down for breakeven

    pls help !
  4. done!

    fully long and am now hoping to make a killing on Sunday night

    UK economy is the strongest in the world !
  5. Sure, just keep adding, borrow money for margin if you have to, max out your credit cards, sell a kidney, sell your house, car, furniture, heck sell the wife/girlfriend/grandmother or send her out on the street......just get margin money and buy buy buy!!!!!!!

    Bye bye
  6. Sell the wife. Keep the girlfriend.
    You guys need priorities.
  7. I would hook myself but this damn coke habit is so expensive

    No more money for white powder after this trade
  8. Screw the candy cane, snort vim if you have to, just get margin money you wimp!!!

    This is going to be the biggest trade in the history of trading, GBP is going to the moon Alice!!

    Trust me on this, I know what I'm talking about!
  9. euclid


    Why does reading this thread give me an overwhelming desire to short GBPUSD?
  10. WTF ! !

    Time Out ! !
    #10     Jul 24, 2009