GBP going to 5100 real soon

Discussion in 'Forex' started by T-Bone Trader, May 11, 2009.

  1. i will cover then
  2. Good call!
  3. any thoughts on the mid-long term trend of cable???
  4. Looks like it might be attemtping to kiss 1.5200

    I will cover then.

    Took GBP for a nice profit on the upside this morning...glad I caught that UK housing data on MarketWatch...
  5. support at 5300 - profit taking target @ 5400

    should not take too long to reach tonight - looks like a fast trade
  6. tempted to keep the position a bit longer until it hits 5600 on the daily charts

    might hit that target by Thursday - at this current bullish upside momentum wave

    that would make for a "real" nice weekend! :)
  7. ascending triangle on the 3 minute charts...

    buckle up boys!
  8. broke the ascending triangle to the downside but the overall trend still seems to be to the upside - we'll see in a few hours - lol
  9. ouch! reversed the trade but still taking a small loss....darn!
  10. back down to 5100 is my target
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