GBP/CHF anyone?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by chiefraven, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. i'm pretty new to forex, but i have been monotoring lots of them, and it seems that GBP/CHF has decent action.... its candles are tighter compare to some of the other instruments.... but people say EUR/USD has more liquidity right?

    well i guess it all depends on what hour of day i'm watching these right? if i'm watching forex at around 12-4am, then the one country might have more activity than others, eventhough they are all open 24 hours, but the one that's just opened for the day will have the most liquidity at the time.

    Does anyone have a list or know where i can find out what time each forex opens?

    i hear that when 2 exchanges' open time overlap, that creates the best moves? is this true?

    And, lastly, what do you guys think of GBP/CHF as an instrument?

  2. FX market is 24hrs...........if u are looking at gbpchf, i would recommend looking at minimum 8yrs of data before you make that assumption.........the last two years have been good on this pair, especially last year but that is due to chf being usd as a funding currency and gbp being a high yield play. This has caused good movement in the pair but when this changes, you have to know how it may act, therefore this is why you have to study a long time period of data.
  3. well, i would like to trade the currency pair whose market is open at the time... for example Frankfort is open at 2am easter time, lodon is open at 3am.... and since those 2 are nearly at the same time.... wouldn't CHF and GBP have more action around this time due to more volume coming in..... eventhough other exchanges are active too.... but it's just not their regular trading hour so they probably wont get as much liquidity as the opened ones..

    especially when we have 2 exchanges whose time overlap each other.

    can you tell me how you usually pick the currency you want to play?

    i just look at the volatility.... and i try to find pairs that i can use for price divergence..... you can private message me if yo uwant....

    other people, feel free to butt in too if you like.