GBA's "2021 Stock Phantasma"

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  1. Ok so all we need is that 1st good idea to kick off the new year.



    The two early candidates. Here's another) ) )

    Sept 1st Salesforce peaked CRM-- $281. And of course they outright STOLE Slack-!
    $222 now.

    I've been liking Next Era Energy NEE for a while now they are a subtle play on alternative energy...
    Here is a Motley fool write up along with another interesting name...

    2021. NextEra Energy is ideal to provide plenty of long-term growth in renewable energy generation, while still providing some protection if a market correction is on the horizon.


    In its latest quarterly report, the company said its NextEra Energy Resources subsidiary has a renewables project backlog of more than 15,000 megawatts (MW), which is larger than its existing renewables portfolio. That backlog secures growth in the segment that constructs and operates wind and solar power generating facilities. It also includes the world's largest stand-alone battery storage project.

    But NextEra comes with some market protection, too. It owns Florida Power & Light, the largest regulated electric utility in the U.S. by retail megawatt-hour sales, as well as Gulf Power, which serves northwestern Florida. This makes it the world's largest utility company in addition to being the world's largest generator of wind and solar power.

    That's a nice combination for an investor who wants to participate in renewable energy growth, but is fearful of a turbulent market year in 2021. The Energy Resources segment differentiates it from other utilities, and helps support NextEra's estimate of 6% to 8% earnings-per-share growth through 2023. And the reliability of a utility allows the company to expect about 10% annual dividend per share growth through 2022.

    Shares don't provide income seekers the level of dividend typical of a regulated utility. But with a dividend yield approaching 2%, and the growing energy resources subsidiary, NextEra Energy is my top pick in renewable energy for investors who want the growth of renewables, but may need some stability from a volatile stock market in 2021.

    A key cog in the future of wind power and EVs
    (TPI Composites):Investors tend to focus on the most recognizable brands when they invest, and for good reason, since brand power is a sign of competitive strength. But if you just focus on brands, you will miss out on equally great investments powering the best growth industries.

    That's certainly the case for TPI Composites. Chances are if you've seen a wind farm, you've seen a TPI wind turbine blade in operation, even if you've never heard of the company, since it supplies blades to the companies that provide the vast majority of the world's onshore wind turbines. TPI's geographical diversity is a competitive advantage since it is able to supply turbine makers with blades in markets where they don't have a significant presence, and that are too far from their own manufacturing to make it cost-effective to ship blades.

    And business is very good. TPI management says the company should generate $1.65 billion in revenue in 2020, 15% growth from 2019. And sales growth has accelerated, with revenue up 24% in the third quarter. This trend is likely to continue, as wind turbine manufacturers increasingly look to outsource more logistically challenging components to suppliers like TPI.

    And there's even more reason to like TPI. The company's strength in composites manufacturing and design makes it an excellent partner for electric vehicle manufacturers as those companies look to build lighter, stronger bodies, and need a supplier that can quickly scale up to meet demand.

    As these two trends continue to accelerate, TPI is positioned to be a big winner in 2021 and for many years to come.

    TPIC- $52.75
    I always viewed this name as windmills only.... Not that good a sector but growing- to make the jump to EV's perhaps that's a link not priced into this name....

    TPI Composites price target raised to $60 from $42 at BTIG 12/22 TPIC BTIG analyst Gregory Lewis raised the firm's price target on TPI Composites to $60 from $42 and keeps a Buy rating on the shares. TPI Composites has had a strong December up over 30% just this month and Lewis says the company is well-positioned to benefit from continued onshore wind growth globally.

    To Start the new thread: 5 IDEAS--> SNAP, NEE, TPIC, CRM, ARCT.

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    Not bad.
    I have leap options on BA, CRM, MSFT, ARKK and QLD, among others.
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  3. I'm not sure you can do a leap option on this name but you might want to consider SKILLZ!

    You all know the SPAC's are coming fast and furious and it's impossible to keep up. After they make their choice of direction there's a vote and a name change and the stk lists like any other stock and if you are lucky people forget about the whole SPAC thing and just view the stock as it's own entity. For that to happen a lot has to go right-- you have to be in a hot field and you have to have really memorable name and stk symbol and folks-- In SKILLZ we have all of that!

    Company Profile
    Skillz Inc. develops and operates an e-sports platform that connects and hosts mobile games and mobile e-sports tournaments through competitions in the United States and internationally. It offers Skillz that helps developers build franchises by enabling social competition in their games and distribute prizes. The company's Skillz operates as a tournament platform where mobile gamers can use their skills to compete for cash and prizes.

    In other words absolutely everything going on right now that someone my age might now know about! That's the beauty of investing... we can partake! Next Earnings report will be the first since trading under it's symbol of SKLZ-- Right now several sites do not even show this name when you type in the symbol they are still going off the SPAC which was FEAC Flying Eagle..... This will change with the earnings report and the various outlets will update. For now this is undiscovered!

    I bet that name Skillz, that symbol SKLZ starts showing up a lot this year.

    *As an added kicker check out the last hour of the last trading day of the year. Someone got in... maybe it was Van...

    SKILZ IS A TOP 2021 IDEA! ->$20
  4. The satellite business must be damn good. IRDM a name that goes way back is having a banner year and lots of stuff seems to be going into space as of late maYBE PEOPLE...

    I was toying with Zebra with the bar codes and the test tubes and the transporting of the vaccine. They appear to be using a Q code thingy one of those annoying thing they put menus on but a fancy kind that stays computer- connected throughout the shipping process.

    This company Orbcomm does a little bit of everything--

    ORBCOMM Inc. provides Internet of Things solutions in the United States, South America, Japan, Europe, and internationally. The company offers network connectivity, devices, device management, and web reporting applications that are designed to track, monitor, control, and enhance security for various assets, such as trailers, trucks, rail cars, sea containers, power generators, fluid tanks, marine vessels, diesel or electric powered generators, oil and gas wells, pipeline monitoring equipment, irrigation control systems, and utility meters in transportation and supply chain, heavy equipment, fixed asset monitoring, and maritime industries, as well as for governments. It also provides satellite automatic identification service data services for vessel navigation and to enhance maritime safety for government and commercial customers; and vehicle fleet management, as well as in-cab and fleet vehicle solutions using various network platforms, including its own constellation of low-Earth orbit satellites

    price target raised to $10 from $6 at Northland 12/21 ORBC Northland analyst Michael Latimore raised the firm's price target on Orbcomm to $10 from $6 and keeps an Outperform rating on the shares after having recently hosted a call with management that led to him "slightly increasing" his FY21 estimates and establishing FY22 estimates. He has more confidence in growth and Orbcomm "strong base of recurring service revenue" following the meetings, the analyst added.

    -Orbcomm wins $45.6M single-award, multi-year contract from U.S. Army 12/11 ORBC ORBCOMM announced that it has won a single-award, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contract of up to $45.6M with the U.S. Army for its Next Generation Tag program, which will extend through December 9, 2024. Through this multi-year NGT contract, ORBCOMM will provide cellular, satellite and dual-mode devices and connectivity to support the logistics tracking, locating and health monitoring of commodities and assets for government users. The Government intends to use NGT technology in applications that demand performance on a higher level than what is available with bar code, Radio Frequency Identification and other automated data storage and retrieval technologies. The NGT technology will be affixed to assets or other objects of interest to capture and transmit varying amounts of data, which are stored and processed.

    I have to say the chart is pretty fab--
    Looks like MACD about to turn up
    RSI of 67 loads of room up
    Accumulation way up since Nov.

    ORBC$7.42 --> This can go to $11.
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    I usually don't trade any stocks, only options, while SPACs either don't have options at all, or no LEAPs. But I do have 6-month options on a few SPACs where they were available. Always looking for more, and later will take a look at ones you're posting.
    I've made some money trading options on SNAP as well.
  6. Nice guru... I wish I understood options. After 6 months they become worthless>? Or can you roll them forwards without losing money? I have never got this. I getthe putting down of very
    little to get alot... but time decay and all of that...

    Ok folks here we are 2021.

    My aim will be to present a crazy good portfolio full of names you are apt not to ever have heard of. A few maybe you will know. SNAP for one is perhaps a BUY. I think it is a buy although again I'm not sure entirely what they do. You take a picture of yourself a " Snap " and you send into friends with lightning coming out of your nostrils and then you talk about it... Do I have it?

    To my mind CRM might be the better buy but we are debating this. You'll notice I am using the royal "we" The incredible stock picking machine Van is the other side of gummybear advisors, Van has been tied up with Anastassia during the holidays (she gets weepy for homeland) If you don't know who Anastasia is I feel sorry for you. (You can also check out The Ideas For Now thread.)

    Several of those ideas from Ideas For Now will be in this portfolio because we still own them. And I will fold them in as we go....

    For instance we use a " Barbell " strategy at gummybear on the one side of the barbell is GO DADDY! GDDY. And on the other side sits EBAY. In the middle a bunch of interesting names. Lets take a peek at one for next week.

    I have dry eye situation psorisis that ends up in my eyes and use these drops called ' Refresh " That seems to be enough but for people who have worse eye problems... there is
    Clearside Biomedical, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, develops and delivers treatment that restore and preserve vision for people with serious eye diseases. Its preclinical products include CLS-AX, an axitinib for suprachoroidal injection. Woa! Injextion in the eye... I'll stick with drops.

    It also develops XIPERE, a triamcinolone acetonide suprachoroidal injectable suspension for the treatment of macular edema associated with uveitis, diabetic macular edema, and macular edema associated with retinal vein occlusion.

    Obviously serious stuff.

    Clearside Biomedical -Healthcare / Biotechnology

    Fri $2.74 UP 42 cents doesn't sound like alot but it's 18%!!>
    Looking like up to $3.19 at open Monday. <-----


    Dec 3rd- (Old)
    Clearside platform validated by Janssen deal, says Roth Capital 12/03 CLSD Roth Capital analyst Zegbeh Jallah believes Janssen's acquisition of Hemera's gene therapy HMR59, an in-office treatment for age-related macular degeneration, coupled with Novartis' recent buyout of Vedere Bio, validates the value of Clearside Biomedical's suprachoroidal injector that can also be used for in-office gene therapy delivery.

    HOT SECTOR! 2 Buyouts//

    The deals are a "strong indicator of interest" in ophthalmology gene therapies, and more broadly IVT-delivered ophthalmology gene therapies for in-office use, Jallah tells investors in a research note. The analyst thinks positive wet-AMD data in early 2021 "could pique large pharma interest" in Clearside.<-----

    Jallah keeps a Buy rating on the shares with an $8 price target.<------
  7. The Saga Of Articus. ARCT--
    -Arcturus have dropped almost 53% to $43.63.

    This one is confusing as heck.... In a vaccine there is something called "neutralizing titers" for some reason these were low in the ARTC vaccine and the stock got clobbered. It's understandable since rival makers like Moderna had high levels of neutralizing titers.

    However the science is unclear how much that matters! ARCT got massively downgraded by at least four houses! But...

    PIPER STILL BELIEVES IN VACCINE: piper Sandler analyst Yasmeen Rahimi ketp an Overweight rating on Arcturus Therapeutics with a $140 price target after the company announced Phase 1/2 dataset for its STARR self-replicating mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, ARCT-021. The data show "clean" safety but "underwhelming immunogenicity with disappointing neutralizing titers," Rahimi told investors in a research note. While "surprised by the disappointing titers," the analyst is "compelled by the robust pre-clinical data" supporting T-cell-driven efficacy. Rahimi continues to believe in Arcturus' mRNA technology. Immunogenicity data from Johnson & Johnson's (JNJ) Phase 3 trial and AstraZeneca's (AZN) Phase 3 study could validate the importance of T-cell response in driving vaccine efficacy, rather than neutralizing antibodies, the analyst added.

    Ok- There's the other side of a vaccine the T-cell response. And that was good in ARCT.
    So potentially good news from J&J (also a buy) good wipe off on ARCT.

    'VERY GOOD' BUYING OPPORTUNITY:Commenting the news, Citi analyst Yigal Nochomovitz noted that the market has expressed significant disappointment with Arcturus Therapeutics' Phase 1/2 data update for its COVID-19 mRNA vaccine candidate ARCT-021 because the prime-boost regimen only showed neutralizing antibody titers at 1.5 fold above neutralizing antibody titers and because neutralizing antibody titers only fell within the convalescent plasma range. Competing prime-boost mRNA vaccine regimens from Pfizer/BioNTech (PFE, BNTX) and Moderna (MRNA) have shown neutralizing antibody titers after the second dose at 16-fold above first dose titers and neutralizing antibody titers for their vaccines at 2-fold or higher than convalescent plasma, the analyst pointed out. However, Nochomovitz thinks the market is placing too much emphasis on neutralizing antibodies as the conduit of immune protection because Arcturus' data, as well as Pfizer's Phase 3 data, indicate that cellular immunity plays an "underappreciated role" in protection against SARS-CoV-2. The analyst sees the stock selloff as a "very good opportunity" to buy Arcturus and own a COVID-19 vaccine player that is "likely" to take a single dose regimen into Phase 3.

    So that's the question... can an vaccine work with not so good neutralization of antibodies...
    gumybear advisors thinks YES. But we are not sure...
  9. On the surface Sensata is a company that bought another in 2015 and have been living off that purchase ever since. They got heavy into " sensors " and alot of folks do this I don't see the super secrete sauce here... However good ole' Joe Terranova on CNBC has been liking the name and if we can believe what we read he has bought more at these prices. I kind of doubt that the stock has a big run but we'll let that go..

    The company's corporate vid goes out of it's way to show Diversity which we like alot. In fact almost everybody here appears somewhat different than the usual older white man.
  10. Old Dec 7th->
    Sensata downgraded to Hold at Jefferies after 117% bounce from trough 12/07 ST As previously reported, Jefferies analyst David Kelley downgraded Sensata to Hold from Buy with a $52 price target. With the stock up 117% relative to the March trough amid a broader auto industry rebound, he sees a more balanced risk/reward, Kelley tells investors. While Q4 earnings upside is likely, he believes consensus assumes best-in-class margin conversion through 2021 for Sensata, which he sees limiting the opportunity for upside surprises, the analyst said.

    Insider selling->
    Sensata CTO sells 21,485 ordinary shares 11/10 ST In a regulatory filing, Sensata Technologies CTO Steven Beringhause disclosed the sale of 21,485 ordinary shares of the company on November 9 at a price of $47.3497 per share.

    In their last earnings report they guided to this 4th Q-
    Sensata sees Q4 adjusted EPS 64c-72c, consensus 67c 10/27 ST Sees Q4 revenue $810M-$850M, consensus $791.45M. "I am very pleased with Sensata's ability to quickly adjust to the market upswing and deliver for our customers as they increased production during the third quarter," said Paul Vasington, EVP and CFO of Sensata. "This enabled us to deliver higher sequential revenue growth than we had anticipated earlier in the quarter. We see a continuation of this positive trend for the remainder of the year. For the fourth quarter, we expect revenue in the range of $810 to $850 million and adjusted EPS of $0.64 to $0.72." "We have undertaken a number of steps to better align our operational costs with demand levels," continued Vasington. "We expect these actions will result in cost savings of approximately $60 to $65 million in 2021. During the third quarter we achieved $7 million in savings as expected, and during the fourth quarter we expect approximately $11 to $12 million in savings from these actions."

    Ok estimates .67c and these guys give a spread of .64c-.72c... I mean they give themselves 3 c to the downside! as a possibility...

    If we could get a pulback before their earnings this would be a interesting play perhaps.. But to chase it?

    Well that was all before this massive hype for electric cars....

    Visteon and Aptiv top Baird's list of top electrifications picks for 2021
    Dec. 15, 2020 1:33 PM ETVisteon Corporation (VC)
    • Baird names some electrification picks for investors to size up heading into 2021.
    • The highest conviction electrification plays from the Baird analyst team are Visteon(VC+2.0%)and Aptiv(APTV-0.2%).
    • Visteon is called an excellent backdoor way for investors to play electrification in the sector, "backed by increased mid-cycle awards in cockpit electronics (an electrification knock-on effect) and significant opportunities to expand VC’s new wireless BMS business." Meanwhile, Aptiv is noted to enjoy 2X addressable content on an EV including an increased mix of higher-margin connectors, with overall high-voltage sales expected to grow 40% per annum through 2022. The company's Smart Vehicle Architecture is also considered to be a key adjacent EV-related opportunity.
    • In its broad look at the sector, the firm also lays out Sensata Technologies(ST+2.0%), BorgWarner(BWA+3.0%)and Methode Electronics(MEI+2.9%)as value ways to play electrification.
    Humm we slid in there as a " Value " play...

    EPS $2.06 // PE 25 --> UP Get This 41% in 6 months.....BUT WAIT... Over a 1 year time period Sensata is DOWN 2%...

    That's right long time holders have wasted a whole year with thIs name and now that they are back to even after a whole year do you really think they are going to sell? No.

    Ok we have to figure out where to buy this name. Taking just QUICK GAZE AT THE CHART THAT NUMBER WOULD APPEAR TO BE $50.

    ST $ 52.75 NOW // BUY @ $50.
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