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  1. Green is a magic color. Whether we actually see green or not is up to debate. Scientists will tell you know you don't. I have always had a hard time believing this but apparently an orange is not orange we interpret that.

    In stock picking green is always good but do we always see it? That's what GBA is here for. We peek under the covers and reveal ideas that others do not see. For GBA the Orange IS Orange all of the time.

    In prior threads recently I have gone overboard. In fact my " handlers " are concerned.
    I have too many stocks. If the market were to correct 20% I would be in big trouble.
    So in this thread I will be handling things a bit differently.- Gone Are The Gummies! Well not completely gone but I will aim to have stock picks that double in a reasonable amount of time, I will cut back on my 1 and 2 week ideas which can flame out and require tight controls.

    So perhaps fewer in number but hopefully the same great gains. I usually take you all through my thinking process which requires following a name usually for two weeks before buying and I assemble watch lists because this is how I've always done it. Momentum is important-- you have to " feel " others are watching your idea. That's the rub with stocks-- you can have the greatest idea ever-- a Tennis bag that holds beer and shoots you automatically balls to hit-- but if nobody else knows about it it's like farting in the wind.

    You would think I would come on here with a list of ideas and be ready to go. I have no list and am not ready. However I must stop the other ongoing thread, if it hits 1000 pages all of Baron's software is going to implode.

    So I come here nearly naked, an average man, ready to take on the big bad market one day at a time. My ally here you all know as VAN. GBA would be nothing without Van. Van is the one who keeps reality in the building. Van is a ying to my yang and if I can get an idea past Van I know it's a good one. Sometimes Van will seem angry-- this is when he is actually THE SENTRY. A superhero that few know about. When I hit a hot streak I become THE SAVANT. Another low end superhero.

    Together THE SENTRY & THE SAVANT will give you the stock ride of your lifetime.
    Let's Begin.)

    <<<<<<GBA Presents: THE GREEN MARKET>>>>>>

    Zymeworks price target lowered to $44 from $55 at H.C. Wainwright 08/05 ZYME H.C. Wainwright analyst Robert Burns lowered the firm's price target on Zymeworks to $44 from $55 and reiterates a Buy rating on the shares. The analyst cites projected dilution post the Q2 results for the target drop.

    A " projected dilution " that did not come (yet)

    ZYME is down quite a bit. They have two lead candidates and there was some shade thrown at one of them and the stk dropped. Part of the problem was the size of the study deemed too small.

    Back in July there was a rumored take out speculation:

    Zymeworks up 9% as blog report speculates on takeover interest 07/01 ZYME Zymeworks has jumped in afternoon trading after a blog report from Street Insider, citing a source, claimed that the company received a takeover approach and is working with a bank to field other potential interest. The report claims that the "initial bid for Zymeworks was said to be around $50 per share. In midday trading, Zymeworks shares are up $3.15, or 9%, to $37.84.

    The stk was $37 in July and $32 now...


      • Zymeworks(NYSE:ZYME)announcesthe publication of an abstract highlighting new clinical data for zanidatamab, a HER2-targeted bispecific antibody, in first-line HER2-expressing Gastroesophageal Adenocarcinoma (GEA).
      • Thirty patients had been treated with zanidatamab in combination with standard of care chemotherapy, and 14 patients remained on treatment.
      • The confirmed objective response rate was 68.2% and the disease control rate was 90.9% in 22 HER2-positive response-evaluable patients.

        Same problem- low amount of patients (30) in trial...
        However with a kicker...

      • An updated and expanded data set will be presented at the ESMO Annual Congress held September 16-21, 2021.

      • Investing is often guessing. I am guessing that A) I can make it to the 21st without the market correcting.
      • B) That expanded data could include good news and or a larger test group.
    The Hope Is that ZYME gets back on the buyout wish list of some larger biotech...

    1-Buy ZYME @ $33.

    Zymeworks data continue to outperform Herceptin, says Raymond James 08:02 ZYME Raymond James analyst David Novak says ESMO abstracts last night provided a preliminary look at the data Zymeworks will be disclosing on September 16 around its Phase 2 study evaluating Zanidatamab plus chemo in first-line HER2+ metastatic gastroesophageal adenocarcinomas. The company has disclosed an overall response rate of 68.2%, "significantly outperforming" the current standard of care of Herceptin plus chemo, Novak tells investors in a research note. The analyst believes efficacy data continue to support Zanidatamab as superior to Herceptin. He keeps a Strong Buy rating on Zymeworks with a $74 price target.
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  2. Green is also the future obviously. Did you know that the boats on the ocean those huge tankers from China they are the main polluters! They are a real problem. Answers are few but all over the world Ferries are starting to become electrified. There was quite a bit of money in the Biden proposal for Electric Ferries. Taking that thought a little further-- Electric boats should be the new thing. Who wants to gas up? They sleep overnight anyway they could be charging and if it's thrills and excitement you want don't worry an electric boat can provide it--
  3. To go out and eat in NYC you have to show your vaccination card.

    Clear Secure is an interesting company they do airport security check through (fastest) but of course no travelers so stk has been stagnant -- however they have pivoted into some areas, one being this Covid Vax varrification:::

    ->Resy, American Express partner with Clear Secure to provide free Health Pass 09:03 AXP, YOU

    Ok the word " free " is in there we never like that but our first watch list name is Clear Secure.


  4. T-Mobile to be available in over 2,300 Walmart stores in October 09:17 TMUS, WMT

    Is that significant? Will it move the needle. I owned TMUS for almost a year it is a terrible stock! Trades really bad... $124 forever!!!! It was supposed to be the big 5G play... Huge block trades went off last week at $130... Last folks bailing-?

    Bad sentiment vs AT&T

    T-Mobile initiated with a Neutral at LightShed Partners 15:20 TMUS, T LightShed Partners analyst Walter Piecyk initiated coverage of T-Mobile (TMUS) with a Neutral rating. Piecyk said his "bullish call on AT&T yesterday understandably triggered questions about our views on T-Mobile," noting that he has called for AT&T's (T) stock to outperform T-Mobile over the next 12-18 months. The analyst, who also noted that his T-Mobile subscriber estimates for 2022 are below consensus, said he still believes in "the significant opportunity afforded by T-Mobile's spectrum depth," but added that the company "has not been leveraging that differentiation to achieve higher growth."


  6. vanzandt


    DPZ.... short at $507.70
    RPM.... long $80.65
    ZI.... long $63.50
    DBI... long $12.38
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    had this baby for a while I believe it is a $3 stk > Wil update the story when I can>

    electroCore's GammaCore Sapphire granted FDA 501(k) premarket notification 09:34 ECOR

    electroCore, Inc.
  8. My God Van Domino's Pizza is a $500 stock. WTF! -This is the worst tasting Pizza in America isn't it? I can honestly say I don't know because in my many years on this earth I HAVE NEVER HAD A DOMINO'S PIZZA..EVER...Never been that distraught and hard up or strung out.

    RPM is a great American company! -- Used to have a fair div %. Not sure now.
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  9. Departing FDA vaccine officials, WHO scientists say data doesn't support COVID boosters

    • A group of researchers, including two senior FDA vaccine officials who are leaving the agency, say that current evidence does not support the use of COVID-19 booster shots.
    • In a paper published today in the journal The Lancet, the researchers say that boosters are not needed because current studies indicate that the vaccine efficacy against severe disease remains high.
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