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  1. THE THING ABOUT VAN IS he is often right. I don't judge his picks by how much they go up and down. If the earnings come in then he's right. It's up to the market to figure it out.

    In this earnings season I had only one earnings miss-- BROS. But I had many declines... As long as I am right about the numbers I stick with the names. It's a conviction I have developed over the years.

    So I am down on my SIX Flags (in five accounts) but I have always thought it a great idea from Van.

    Six Flags remains a 'top pick' after Q1 results, says Jefferies 08:43 SIX Jefferies analyst David Katz lowered the firm's price target on Six Flags to $60 from $61 and keeps a Buy rating on the shares, stating that the company's quarterly performance "implies confidence in our estimates." New management's strategies to improve overall guest experiences and unit economics should drive stronger financial performance, said Katz, who sees "execution on the cusp of improvement" and that Six Flags remains "a top pick."
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  2. Hey speaking of... it might not have been Stephanie that did the TWTR short that impressed me so much, it might have been Karen Finerman. I like her too. Most of them, I don't really pay much attention to, but those two I do. Oh, and that Asian guy that does the option trades. He's only on that option show they have, but he's good too. And Carter Worth. He's good at T/A. I keep track Stoney. I'll leave the one out that has the most losers, because he's a nice guy.

    lol- I constantly confuse the two as well. One of them is quite good and I'm pretty sure it's Stephanie.. The other one always says something annoying like well I sold it but I've been in the name since 1999... so I have a good gain...
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    This stock really pisses me off. (SIX)
    I almost bought it for earnings too. It got down to $30 and then bounced a little, and I thought how cheap can it get? I looked at Cedar Fair (FUN) as you pointed out and the charts are so different. I wonder why, there must be a reason. Either way, I didn't buy any. This one stumps me. Because I looked at it pretty hard. They have a lot of debt, and I didn't really dig into FUN that much, but whatever. I thought it was a buy in the low $40's.... and I'll admit.... I was wrong. I mean I throw stocks out there, some are just me calling out a quick trade, but SIX wasn't. I looked at it like a granny stock almost.
    Ahhh, bear market, but still, it's down 25% from where I liked it.
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    That would be Karen.
    I love her though. She's good. She's been on there for a long time. She's had some great calls, and she certainly does the research. That's why I listen, because if she says something, you can bet she's left no stone unturned.
    Like I said, even the best stocks go down in a bear.

    And Stoney>>>> you need to start picking short ideas too. Whether you play them or not. Which you should, but whatever, I'm not gonna tell you how to manage your accounts.

    Look at it this way though... how many trillions(s) in market caps have evaporated in the last two months? Bitcoin too. Wow.

    But it didn't evaporate, it just shifted wallets.
    >>>From the 1000's to the few.
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    What he said.

    Today would be the day to sell those calls I think.
    Sell the June $30's for $2.50
    I don't think it'll get much over $30 near term.
    Today when it's up 10% is a perfect time to sell em.
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    Stoney Stock>>> CHDN>>>> $192.50 :thumbsup:
    THO>>> $85 >>>> +5.6% :thumbsup:
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  7. Sportradar Group AG (SRAD)
    10.28+0.55 (+5.65%) <-------:thumbsup:
    As of 11:02AM EDT.

    Flywire Corporation (FLYW)
    19.94+2.03 (+11.33%)<----------------:thumbsup:
    As of 11:02AM EDT. Market open.
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  8. Wolfspeed, Inc. (WOLF)
    75.38+4.92 (+6.98%)<----------
    As of 11:03AM EDT. :thumbsup:
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  9. We have ourselves a damn runaway Gummy.-! :banghead:

    BBIO... just to my credit if you look at yesterday's action you see we sold at the right time... kind of.

    I had a feeling.
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  10. 117K vol now--

    Veritone, Inc. (VERI)/ watch for afternoon vol surge if it comes. Conf today.
    8.52+0.58 (+7.24%)<---------
    As of 11:09AM EDT. Market open.
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