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    No one has ran away or flip-flopped from THO.
    It was way undervalued at $75.
    I called it out at $75 and it went to $89.60.

    Do I still like it? Yes.
    But as I said, I'll say when it's time to get back in.
    Right now the S&P is in a down trend, and we are technically in a bear market.
    The VIX is north of 30, fuel and other commodities are at or near all-time highs, recession looms, interest rates are going up (how much is anyone's guess), we have a war in Europe and a madman with his finger on the button of 4000+ nukes... I mean.... get a clue. These are all huge headwinds. Especially for a company like THO.

    You don't buy stocks when the entire market is coming down. How stupid is that? How rookie.

    Dude you know what bear markets do to people like you, and others with no experience(?)>>>> they socialize losses and they privatize gains.

    Which camp do you want to be in? I want to be in the camp that makes money on the way down too.

    There's plenty of good stocks out there, but why catch a falling knife? If buy and hold is your game, then you should dollar cost average a small amount every month into a stock you like.That's smart investing and the way to win long term as markets rise and markets fall.

    But this is Elite Trader. Key word: Trader.

    So yes, a little less nitpicking, but also a little less bravado and bs, and a little more research on your part.
    Asking me about (for example) insider sales, options action, or the earnings date... you can use a myriad of available resources just as easily as I can. So do it, and put a lid on how great you are. Have you ever noticed only 3 or 4 other people besides myself and you post in our threads? They may read them for the drama value, but paaaleeeze, it's not for you being the best in the world.
    Enough said.
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    "Bear markets socialize losses and privatize gains."
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  3. Where is his SAVANT trade performance data or is he all vendor/no trader?
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  4. Dear Mason welcome aboard! You have been on Elite Trader before yes? Then you damn well know the trade performance ! GUESS WHO MADE $7 GRAND YESTERDAY ONE DAY!!! :wtf:

    So go back and re read Stock Phantasma and then read THE Green Market and then read Bare Essentials you will find over 1,000 pages of performance.!

    You are damn lucky we didn't pull you boarding pass but that's why I start new threads- top get new blood. So once agaian welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.
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  5. VAN--!!! I wasn't referencing THOR at all! Just setting some new guidelines / I find the market stressful and each day is filled with fear and dread. We don't need to nitpick at levels of success, to have pulled off EIGHT successful trades in the past thread was pretty amazing. But there was too much arguing. Hey I was wrong about THOR and I manned up. What else can I do? I think I let my own pre- conceived notions of RV er's get in the way.

    I need your advice. My wife thinks Jimmy is trying to set me up. She thinks his minions have read the threads here (which we know) so they must know the nasty things I said about him.
    This despite the very nice email I sent the other day. So I could be walking into a trap.
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  6. thank you for your help;to indulge your patience could not find 1,000 pages of listed performances; a link maybe?
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  7. For those of you that weren't riding with GBA yesterday... MASSIVE CALL ON THE MARKET WHEN THE NAZ WAS DOWN OVER 200-! And even with less than an hour left in the trading day and down 90
    GBA stuck to their guns and QQQ'd a masterpiece! :cool:
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  8. Mason let me guess you are 22. WHEN SOMEONE TELLS YOU ONCE WHERE TO LOOK DON'T ASK AGAIN! Show the mental energy to go read those threads. Man, you are lucky I'm getting to you before Van. <--and you will also find many great trades from Van before the big sell off.

    Consider yourself lucky.
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  9. For some reason I have never been a Micron guy. I hate buying stocks everybody buys like NVDA and MU>

    But something is up. The HF bought MU yesterday and there was some chatter from a conference I posted a blurb but today more serious talk-->

    Evercore reiterates Outperform rating, $90 target on Micron after analyst day 08:48 MU Evercore ISI analyst C.J.…

    I'm a WOLF guy and On Semi guy.... But if you hanker for the sector-> BUY MU
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    Well, even though the vast majority of folks here say bad things about Jim, I have always liked him.
    It's just as hard for him to produce a show every night with winning stock picks as it is for you and I to do it here. I admire him for several reasons.
    I don't follow his stock picks, unless maybe to short one every now and again, but I do at some point during the week listen to his opening 5 minutes.
    His macro calls on what's going on are gold imo.

    I also like his ceo interviews, because you know me, I bet on the jockey and not the horse. I like to read people. Where else can we see ceo's defending or explaining their companies? And the fact that he can get them on, says something. I think people that bash Cramer are idiots.

    Hey speaking of... it might not have been Stephanie that did the TWTR short that impressed me so much, it might have been Karen Finerman. I like her too. Most of them, I don't really pay much attention to, but those two I do. Oh, and that Asian guy that does the option trades. He's only on that option show they have, but he's good too. And Carter Worth. He's good at T/A. I keep track Stoney. I'll leave the one out that has the most losers, because he's a nice guy.

    Remember Jeff Macke? I think he got fired. He was funny. He was kinda like a less PC version of Josh lol.
    I bet Ted remembers Macke.
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