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    My friends we do all understand why you are safe to go to the zoo, right?
    That's right.
    That thick glass and those thick iron bars are there for a reason.
    And what happens, when on rare occurrence,one of the animals gets out of its cage and attacks a person?
    It's not pretty.
  2. Poop-flinging Muslims are douchebags. :cool:
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    This is why Israel should stop fighting the idea of a Palestinian state. Once they achieve statehood, Israel can legally declare war on them, stomp their asses and annex them. That's as close to a permanent solution as they can get.
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    If you were offered an all expenses paid trip to the Gaza beach or if you were given just a free ice cream cone at the San Diego Zoo, which offer would you take?
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    Hint: San Diego Zoo animals seem quite friendly.
  6. Looks like Israel is about to stomp them anyway in the next 2 to 3 days. Israel made these demands for a ceasefire. If Gaza doesnt respond, they are rolling in with the tanks. They are not taking any more shit from the Palestinians.

    1. A lull for a period of more than 15 years.

    2. An immediate cessation of arms smuggling and the transfer of weapons to Gaza.

    3. Cessation of rocket fire on the part of all armed Palestinian factions and an end to attacks on soldiers near the Gaza border.

    4. Israel has the right to hunt down terrorists in the event of an attack or if it obtains information on an imminent attack.

    5. The Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt will remain open, but the crossings on the Gaza-Israel border will remain closed.

    6. Egypt's politicians, headed by President Mohammed Morsi, will be the guarantors of any ceasefire agreement. Meaning, the agreement will be backed by Egypt's political echelon rather than by its security establishment.
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    Sounds like you're saying that the zoo is about to be closed, brother Peil.
  8. I just ran some calculations on what is happening to Israel this day. So far there have been 664 missiles launched into Israel since Nov 15. There have been three deaths. The population density to the north east of Gaza towards Tel Aviv is very similar to Cuyahoga county Ohio! That would be the county that Cleveland, Ohio is in.

    Ponder for a minute say half of those 664 missiles headed to the Cleveland, OH area... two things come to mind: What would we do to stop it, and how are that many missiles missing people in an urban area of Israel? We are observing something that is not statistical IMHO...
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    Only four missiles landed on us on 9-11-2001, brother Big.
    Uh...We got purdy upset about that.

    I hope all the dookie gets cleaned out of the zoo.
    All of it.
  10. I remember when I was little my dad took me to the zoo. Pretty lame, just a bunch of horses running around a track.
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