Gaza War Just Ended (In two hours)

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  1. Israel PM just finished announcing it. Time in israel is midnight.

    Cease fire to start in two hours from now.

    By the time Israel PM finished saying his 10 minutes words, Pals launched a barrage of rockets to Israel. The cease fire is due only in two hours from now, so the war is not over until 2 hours from now.

    So Pals listened to him on TV, decided to shoot, and made the shooting of a great number of rockets in a short time period. They seem to do things in real-time.

    They may have meant to say to Israelis. "Your PM is spinning. You see we are still able to shoot, and we just shot 10 rockets in less time than your PM took to deliver his short speech to spinn the outcomes of war to you".
    10 rockets is less than what they used to shoot in 24 hours before the war. So 10 rockets in less than 10 minutes is a lot.

    This is a war of meanings.
  2. Its not fair to compare Isreal or anybody to Hamas.

    There is no way anyone in this world can live up to the standards and morals of Hamas. Please do not use the Hamas "standard" for the rest of the world, it only will show the failure we all are.
  3. Tums


    they have killed 300 militants,
    and at the same time, successfully turned 30,000 ordinary people to militants.

    this will not be the end of the conflict.
  4. Oh please, that's what we keep hearing from people like you every time Israel moves a finger. That's exactly what you claimed during the 2nd Lebanon War, the crack down on the Intifada, the construction of the security fence, the bombing of the Syrian nuclear site etc and guess what - it's been very quiet on the Lebanese border, on the Syrian border, in the West Bank and pretty much elsewhere.

    Stop pretending that the Arab street is not radicalized as it is and is not constantly enraged about one thing or another. No one is buying this nonsense any more. They don't need excuses, the only thing they need is an occasional beating as this is the only language they understand. They just got one so it should last them for a few years.

    PS These "ordinary people" elected Hamas in case you forgot.
  5. Israel has signed a deal with itself to slow down their onslaught against women and children.

    Israel used 40% of its amunation and 50% of its air force. All of this to combat 15000 thousands fighters.

    In the process, the killed 400+ babies and 100+ women out of 1200 hundred. The amount of bombing was intended to bring gaza to its knees. If we assumed that the rest of the killed were all resistance fighters, which is not the case, then the resistance fighter forces have not been touched.

    While Olmert was giving his "victory" speach to his blood thirsty herd, 3 Grad rockets landed on Israel.

    The resistance groups declared that Olmert is free to declare as many ceasefire with himself as he wishes. As far as they are concerned; What Israel did in Gaza will never be forgiven and that Israel will hear from Hamas and other groups very soon.

    Once again, Israel has managed to screw up big big time. The fighters took all what Israel can give and and they will continue.
  6. Israel says that it left Gaza with the "intent" not to come back.

    This war would make Israel leave Gaza with the knowledge that it cannot be back.

    I think finally peace is coming to the middle east. I predict a peace agreement concluded and all disputes resolved in the first term of Obama.

    It will be the horse on which Obama will be re-elected. He may delay things a bit to coincide with his re-election.
  7. So long as the siege is still in place and the borders still closed rendering Gaza economy obsolete, the Rockets will continue. Sederot just received 5 new Grad missiles. The choice is theirs (Israelis).
  8. The war is over, and peace is coming (assuming that Obama implement his electoral promises).

    This war made israel finally understand that force is not possible to defend her. So, it will try the peace. Israel has no choice now but to seek peace. It has been defeated militarily against Lebanon, and Gaza war confirmed that defeat. So, I believe this time it will go to the negotiating table with interest in peace as it is its only option and it is in its interests to make peace.
  9. Gotta go will Israel on this one Tums. If it were us and Hamas had fired ONE rocket, we would have completely smashed them.

    Isreal has the right to defend it's borders, and should do so with zeal. Hamas needs to stop firing rockets and spare it's civilian population. If Hamas cannot do this then the Palatinian people should overthrow Hamas, or be willing to fight and die with them.
  10. Headline:
    Hamas fires rockets into Israel despite cease-fire agreement

    That didn't take long now did it? Let's hear the excuses.
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