Gaza rockets put Israel’s nuclear plant in battle zone

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  1. How can it be "top secret" if they're posting pictures of it?
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    I think 5% or 10% of "Oil money" from gulf countries goes to Taliban and Al- Qaeda as financial help. Terrorist have become rich because of crude oil reaching $145 per barrel.

    "Oil money" is used for developing multi-billion dollars "Dubai real estates". I think 5% or 10% of "Dubai Real estate money" also goes to Taliban and Al-Qaeda as financial help.

    Dubai is a "Hub for illegal activities and terrorist finance"

    It is very important that Crude oil always remains at $15 or $20 per barrel, so that minimum finance is available to Taleban & Al-Qaeda from "Oil money".
  3. Imagine the fury that will be unleashed upon Hamas if they start to damage that nuclear facility. Gaza will be leveled. Plain and simple.

    Unfortunately there can't be peace in the Middle East. Never has never will be. Sad.

    Another blunder for Bush. Pushed so hard for free elections in Palestinian territories, and they elect Hamas.

    Reminds me of why I don't believe in formalized religion. It has caused so many deaths.
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    amen to that!
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    BBC Sources say "Hamas has Killed many Israeli soldiers".

    This time either Palestine will vanish or Israel will vanish. Someone has to go now. It's over this time.
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    Death to all infidels!
    Convert or die!
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    There once was peace. But then in 1946 the jews came and founded israel and started killing.
    Sadly they had the connections to government of us and wall street...

    Homemade rockets agains hightech ones. Poorly armed Soldiers against Helicopters, stonethrowing kids against heavily armed police. israel needs a nuke on its fuckin head.
    They dont suicide bomb because of they religion, but because thats the only weapon they have. Suicide bombers always signal no other option. Israel doesnt do it, they have financies.
    If i see how every one accuses the Hamas ( family fathers who have nothing left to lose ) for being the aggressor for over 60 years, i am ashamed to be a human.

    Hamas are the good ones.
    And this situation has nothing to do with religion. Just people invading and nativ people fighting against it.
  8. can someone enlighten me as to what the risk is for another country getting involved? ie at what point does iran or somebody else come to the beck and call. i know iran said they wouldn't - but just would like to understand the overall picture a little better... thanks
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    The risk is very high.
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