Gayest Olympic Sport

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Which one did Rock Hudson get a bigger hard over?

  1. Men's Syncronized Diving

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  2. 2 Man Luge

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  3. Who cares the East German ladies swim team is coming up and they haven't shaved

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  1. VOTE

    Rennick Rasmussen out:cool:
  2. Not on your list ( and winter ) but this one cracks me up

    That stupid thing with brooms and rocks...
    Its like going down to the park and watching all the old men on bocce courts.
    Never understood how some athletes train for years to push their bodies to the limits to get an opportunity to be recognized with a medal while another person takes a gold for pushing a broom.

    They need to add womens topless beer pong as an event :D
    I wouldn't have a problem with it
  3. dcvtss


    how do you not have men's gymnastics or figure skating as options?
  4. r-in


    The wife yelled it me tonight about this vary topic. Flipped on Olympics, and the syncronized diving was on. My 3 sons were sitting there with me and I just had to make a comment not realizing the wife was in earshot. Oh well, I call 'em as I sees 'em.
    I do question inclusion of the 2 man luge, although I see your point, but they at least are flying down an ice track at 90 miles an hour on a couple of razor sharp blades. At the same time I heard they were making quick access anal panels in those skin suits for the guy on top to really get a ride. :D
  5. LEAPup


    Who gives a fuck about the Olympics? Sure China will beat us. They have been doing so for the last ten years.:mad:
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    Youve just won the debate

  10. To add to the show, they wait in a giant hot tub between dives.

    Rennick Liberace out :eek:
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