Gay tax for the healthcare initiative.

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  1. IF healthcare is going to be funded by taxpayers and no one with pre existing conditions can be refused?

    For example Gay men tend to have hundreds and thousands different partners and interact in anonymous Anal sex and/or fisting in gas stations,public parks,glory holes etc.. (two high risk HIV activities)

    HIV is a very expensive disease and probably consumes a pretty good portion of healthcare expense. Since a majority of HIV positive folks are homosexuals, they should pay some kind of special tax to offset this.

    I also think Gay marriage should be legal but also impose a special Gay Marriage assessment to cover HIV costs. Two gay men will pay more taxes due to the marriage penalty.
  2. Ricter


    Sounds good. We'll also have to tax ourselves, who sit in front of computers all day.
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    So many jokes, where to begin?

  4. Since you have consistently shown that you are an idiot, and idiots get into many more accidents than non idiots, and since accidents are a huge burden on the healthcare system, I suggest that we impose a special idiot tax on you and any children that you have (since idiots breed more idiots).