Gay rights supporter shoots up FRC because they are a "hate" group.

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    For all you gay rights supporters let me give you an example of what is and what isnt intolerance.

    When you say you are against someone elses beliefs, that is NOT intolerance.

    When you say you are against someone elses beliefs and then shoot them, that IS intolerance.

    On the article, I have trouble figuring out why he had 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches in his bag. Perhaps he was planning to shoot up a chick-fil-a restaurant and lost the nerve because the people working there were so nice. So he went to the next place on his list.

    Or perhaps he was planning to not come out of this alive and knew his liberal media buddies would see the chick-fil-a bag and instantly try to spread misinformation that it was a chick-fil-a supporter that did this.
  2. your mind is something that should be donated to science for future study.
    i have been accused many time of being intolerant to religious people. probably by you although i am too lazy to look. so what is it?
  3. his post is on point, and when you are proposing LAWS that infringe on religious belief, you ARE being intolerant.

    Now I am not going to go look through your countless anti religion threads but I am sure that i have seen posters on here trying to outlaw certain religious freedoms, not necessarily you.

    edit: an example that comes to mind was the thread about a private catholic school holding an assembly and speaking out against homosexuality. Stu said that should be illegal, his position (stu) IS intolerant.
  4. i am for law that ban polygamy. am i intolerant?
  5. good question.. I think technically that is intolerant. These are adults entering into private contract with one another, while I don't agree with it personally, the federal government doesn't have any legal grounds to ban it.
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  7. no they are not. the girls are usually young.
  8. Why dodge, am I being a dick?

    If they are not adults then it is already illegal through common law, for good reason. But if they are adults, I don't see why they should be stopped.

    isn't polygamy illegal anyway?
  9. Lou Grant

    Lou Grant

    Yeah, I saw this last night on the network news programs. It was their top story. Dedicated a good five minutes to it and they even delved into the mind of the shooter and what made him snap...

    No. wait, that was a dream.
  10. who is dodging. how can we debate when your stated premis is wrong?
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