Gay Marriage Or Incest

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Who Should get Married?

  1. Gross! Only guys and gals should marry.

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  2. Only straights and homos

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  3. Any two consenting adults including me and my mom

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  1. The homosexual marriage lobby states gays seeking marital bliss are denied "equal protection under the law." The right of "any two consenting adults" is rejoiced with Ron Paul libertarian fervor. In our enlightened world of anything goes is it not pretty darn nethanderal prohibiting fathers a taste of their own daughter? As long of course as that daughter is of legal age. Great way to beat the estate tax too.
  2. Marriage is a social INSTITUTION not a "right" or a "privilege".

    Marriage is the most sacred union among humans because it's the MOST nurturing for children and thus maybe the most important social pact of critical importance to the survival of the human race.
    In my humble opinion, marriage should be protected by a constitutional amendment, mostly because offspring can result from Marriage, Other children as just as fine, but marriage offers a balanced nurturing environment to raise PRODUCTIVE members of society.
    In all likelihood, the framers never imagined the madness of early 21th century as illustrated by Stock-trader picks, Kudlow's ever optimistic message and Gay divorce.

    Gays are free to take part in civil unions to ensure access to each other in case of hardship / a mechanism by which to share health and pension benefits . If we grant them marriage, what next, they'll ask for the federal government to subsidize KY Gel.

    AND there is no "proof" hat homosexuality has any biological footing. Anecdotal evidence is welcome and induces empathy but does not represent enough to rewrite existing laws.

    I'm a male and can't understand how other males can't like tits, or a woman's soft skin.
  3. Why does the government need to be involved in marriage again?
  4. Because steroids in baseball season is over.
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    for god's sakes ................

    we can all agree,

    God Exists ...
  6. This
  7. I was thinking it was because it was election season again...
  8. What does "this" stand for? I genuinely don't know.
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    Who freakin cares what gays want to do in their homes. Marriage is just a big false sense of security scam for people to make money off you. You can get divorced easily and a piece of paper doesn't mean shit just look at the U.S. dollar.
  10. The P knows Senator "Man on Dog"'s matter of a principal...damn you.
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