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    So I frequent that website even though it is polluted with queer liberal feminizing socialist homos. I happen to find the board appalling, hilarious, and intellectually stupid all at the same time. I've been trying to get on as a poster there for a while (you have to be approved) to provide counter to the the liberal hags... I've had no success... but at least I wasn't banned... 'till today.

    I commented on the frat shooting in Ohio. This is what I said in it's entirety:

    "... and black history month starts with a bang..."

    Within 45 seconds I was banned by some canadajohnson dude... he's black. I just thought this as a prime example of the pendulum that has completely over-swung the wrong way. Maybe I need sensitivity training... I'll be sure to check with my PO.
  2. I hear ya. I mentioned black history month started off with the "white" stuff falling all across the country and whaddya know all of a sudden the weather is keeping the black man down.