Gawd I hope they don't blow it

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    T - 16.
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    T - 1

    _\\// Live long and prosper.
  4. Hopefully, it will be a good flick
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    Ok I saw it last night. Time for a review.

    First, there were a total of 10 people in a theatre that could easily hold several hundred. Of these ten people, one was a woman. One of the guys sitting in front of me (everyone got their own row) was reading in pitch black light on a kindle during the previews:

    Very very cool.

    First, I thought the casting was very well done. I did not stick around for the person responsible for the casting, but Spock and McCoy were perfectly cast, and the rest were a notch below but still good.

    As for the plot, I felt they tried to fit in too much in too little a time, and it did not flow well. The idea of "Star Trek" is similar to "Batman Begins", and yet BBs did an outstading job of showing the development of Bruce Wayne into Batman. Granted, in BBs you only have to develop one character as opposed to six, but still... Spock of course is the most interesting character by a mile, and they did a good job of developing his character, but even here there were gaps all over the place. It is as if the person responsible for cutting the film did way too much of that, and what was left was a discontinous flow. Kirk was portrayed as one dimensional, and that was even though they spent some time developing him. Almost no time was spent developing most of the rest of the characters McCoy, Zulu, Chekov, Uhura, and Scotty.

    The special effects were ok, but nothing to die for. If you are young and expect to see killer effects, you will be dissapointed by both the plot and the SEs.

    Did they blow it? I give them huge kudos for even trying, but I give this movie a wait to rent it on DVD.