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  1. TST is a valid company they put real money at risk and you can withdrawal when you want. I've take 2 withdrawals from them within a day or 2 of getting funded. the process was simple no phone calls to try to get you to leave money in the account. but you have to get past the 2 steps which is like 200% return on risk. this requires the right market conditions in most cases I typically use these when i have bad trading day in my real account or they have a great sale im net positive on these for me i feel as if i can pass these more often that i would fail them so topstep works for me i just hate the 2 steps where you really have to wait days after making the profit target in step 1
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  2. FTDK


    I am not saying you are getting paid and i am not saying you are not getting paid.

    My question was why does it matter if you are trading live or sim as long as you get paid. Guessing if you are going to get paid or not is a whole different subject.

    Please feel free to share those horror stories since there are none on this forum as of yet.
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  3. FrankInLa


    Goodness, they are selling extremely low probability events of high payoffs for low prices, exactly like lotteries.

    You make some very strange points. a) of course this service attracts beginners. Are you kidding me? Show me a person who has 2k or 5k to open a live trading account but chooses to use this service. This is aimed at complete beginners who are overconfident and believe they are the few chosen ones to pass and then make it big. Guess what, those accounts are not at all designed to ever score big. b) a beginner should not EVER pay to trade, neither via a subscription to this service nor a live account. A beginner should sit his bum down and study and at most paper trade or watch others trade. You seem to believe that once you get funded with those services that you can score. No matter how successful you are those services are not even funded sufficiently to support larger traders, even if you had the best sharpe profile.

    Nevermind, you win I lose.

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  4. FTDK


    How are they selling extreme high payoffs? They are selling an opportunity to trade a so called funded account and withdraw the money you make yourself. They aren't promising anything, they are giving you an opportunity.

    The odds of one making it is fully depending on their trading skill.
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  5. The rules sound easy but using math they are not easy at all the rules imply its normal to make 300% in 15 days when most pros would be happen with a 20% yearly return. For me these serve a purpose its entertainment with a chance of making money but for other people I've seen people that have lost their job thinking this is a solution
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    I edited my post above, please read, I address your point. I am done. If you see value, great, I don't.

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    There are tons of stories on ET and everywhere else of failed trading arcades that refused or were unable to pay off profits owed to individual traders. How long have you been around this industry...

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    Right now we are referring to Topsteptrader, Earn2Trade, SMB and OneUpTrader so feel free to post any horror stories about these companies.

    There is no point in comparing scammers to legit companies.
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    no, I specifically named "trading arcades". I was very specific. And I chose them on purpose because they were much better funded and setup to sustained highly skilled traders. Your claim that services like this pay out is at best a hope, certainly not a guarantee.

    You seem to love to change the meaning and intent of your conversation partner. Not a great habit...

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  10. FTDK


    You don't have to complete the evaluation account in 15 days?

    Looking at the Gauntlet Mini $50,000.

    You have to make 6% while not risking more than 4% at any time and no more than 2,2% per day. You need to trade a minimum of 15 days and you can take as long as you want.

    And yes i know you don't get $50K to trade with, but if you want to compare the target to the max loss you also have to compare the fee paid compared to the max loss.
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