Gauntlet Mini™ Promo, 40% Off $25,000 Account

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  1. Earn2Trade

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    Dear Elite Traders,

    This month we’re offering 40% off The Gauntlet Mini™ $25,000 account for every month of your subscription until you pass or cancel. Grab your lifetime discount now for $90 and get funded with Earn2Trade!

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  2. FrankInLa


    90 dollars per month for a 25k paper trading account? Or am I misunderstanding?

  3. Sekiyo


    If you're stuck to the paper trading, examination, part.
    It's your problem, dude. Level Up !
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  4. Earn2Trade

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    It's $90.00/month for the examination. It includes the data and exchange fees, as well as free access to the Finamark/Overcharts/RTrader Pro platforms, a 60 day subscription of Journalytix and access to our entire lesson and webinar portfolio.
  5. Sekiyo


    Seriously, I am currently with a competitor of yours.
    If you were allowing the user to trade micros and hold them overnight,
    In addition of offering the usual minis in your package, then I'd switch in the blink of an eye.

    This is what I'd be asking for.
    Instead of a discount. Which is great.

  6. Earn2Trade

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    Hello Sekiyo,

    We allow micros in the account but not to hold overnight.
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  7. FrankInLa


    I posted live trading account Screenshots. Have you? It just amazes me how anyone would pay 90 bucks for a paper trading account and a few thrown in gimmicks. Amazing, the value that the financial services industry sucks out of the economy.

  8. FrankInLa


    I see, thanks

  9. Sekiyo


    You can get 5k real money for 90$.
    Now it depends on the odds of you making it.

    Even if you give them 2500$,
    You're still doubling your investment.

    You better pay 100$ for a reset than lose 3k of your own money.
    It's a nice way to get started, to trade on your own.

    It's not because you don't find value,
    That no one can find it valuable.

    There are downsides and upsides,
    You've just failed to acknowledge all the point of views.

    Anyway ... Mr. live trading account screenshots is way beyond us, mortal.
    My apologies.

    I prefer to earn a bankroll through them,
    Than go and find an unrelated job that might pay more.
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  10. the $90 sucked me in again lol I had a horrible day trading options yesterday the classic I know this direction is right and once i close the position it will go in the direction so im not going to close it type of day. So i said why not spend 90 for this account. Well the issue is with the consistency rule I assumed it was the same as Oneups which requires the largest trading day PL *.70(70%)to be less than the next 3 largest trading days and instead its basically saying you have to restrict your winnings to less than 30% of the target PL in you plan to pass with the target PL. why?
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