Gauntlet Mini™ Launch! $25.00 Launch Promo!

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  1. Earn2Trade-Ryan

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    Dear Elite Traders,

    Today we’re launching our new intraday funding program, the Gauntlet Mini™. How is it different from The Gauntlet™? Please see below!

    • Get funded in as few as 15 days
    • Cheaper, subscription-based alternative
    • Rules aimed specifically at intraday traders

    With the Gauntlet Mini™ you’ll also get the following:
    • Free 3 month Finamark licese for your live trading ($127.00 value)
    • Free 60 day Journalytix license ($78.00 value)
    • Free Earn2Trade Beginner Crash Course over the term of your subscription ($249.00 value)

    To celebrate the launch of the Gauntlet Mini™, we’re offering the first month of our $25,000.00 account at only $25.00! It will be available for the entire month of September.

    Please visit our site for more details:
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  2. RDK91


    Question about the trailing drawdown limit Ryan.

    Is this based on open equity or end of day balance?
  3. Earn2Trade-Ryan

    Earn2Trade-Ryan Sponsor

    Trailing is based on open equity as that's the option given to us by Rithmic.
  4. lukas


    Why did @Earn2Trade-Ryan introduce this mini Gauntlet? Was the old Gauntlet not profitable for you? Are you going to keep offering it? I do hope so
  5. Earn2Trade-Ryan

    Earn2Trade-Ryan Sponsor

    We launched the Gauntlet Mini™ because we had a large demand for a shorter version. We have no plans at this time to remove the 60 day original Gauntlet™.
  6. canoe


    just wondering, but you said the reason why, unlike other funding companies, Helios needs to automatically take its 20% cut every month for the original Gauntlet was because of the lack of a trailing DD to protect losses to the funding company.

    now that there is a trailing DD for the Gauntlet mini, will traders who were funded via the Gauntlet mini still be forced to give up 20% of their profits every month even if they don't initiate withdrawals?
  7. marsku


    How profit distribution works when applied Trailing Drawdown. Will the transfer of profit bring me closer to the Trailing Drawdown limit.
  8. Earn2Trade-Ryan

    Earn2Trade-Ryan Sponsor

    They don't know how it's going to work out yet so they're sticking to that system until they can determine how the new funding system will play out.
  9. Earn2Trade-Ryan

    Earn2Trade-Ryan Sponsor

    It would take you closer yes, however, the trailing stops once the trailing reaches the starting balance.
  10. lukas


    I am sorry for such a long list of questions. I was considering sending them by email but your answers to them in a public forum have more weight and can help others as well. Perhaps they will help you to put relevant information on your website for clarity. Here it goes:

    1. Is the profit split 80/20 in the real account with Helios for each account size?
    2. Does the obligatory monthly withdrawal of profits by Helios/simulation purposes apply in the Gauntlet Mini and/or live sim stage?
    3. Is the profit dictating the max position size based on account cash balance or the total equity (i.e. including open positions)? Is the max position size fixed for the day, or does it change intraday?
    3. Is the profit required in the live sim to become a partner at Helios always equal to the profit goal for the relevant account size (i.e. $1,750 for a $25,000 account, $9,000 for a $150,000 account etc.)?
    4. Can a trader keep 100% of the profits made in the live sim? If he does not want to draw these profits, can the live sim account, once the profit goal has been reached, be "transferred" to the real account with Helios together with all its parameters, i.e. all the profits, trailing drawdown, max position size, or does it all have to start afresh in the real account?
    5. Are there any specific restrictions on trading times for financials (interest rates, bonds) other than those applicable to "All Contracts" (FOMC only)?
    6. If a trader breaches one of the rules (e.g. a daily loss limit) in the live sim account or a real account with Helios, can he still withdraw the profits made until then? Does he have to go through the Gauntlet mini again, even if he is a partner at Helios?
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