Gates & Buffett - What is going to happen

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  1. When Gates leaves MSFT and Buffett leaves BRK, what do you think will happen to their stocks? For instance, if Jobs left, APPL, it would most likely be detrimental to the stock. It concerns me, as if I held either stock, I am thinking they will both tank at that time, at least in the beginning. I do own around 2500 shares of MSFT and 2 shares of BRK.A. Is it logical for me to be concerned about this, or does anyone think it will be a smooth transition; such where the major investors will not bail out?
  2. Warren leaving BH is a bad thing, Gates leaving MS is a good thing. Balmer is the one behind MS, Gates just overlooks software design, and he's no good at it.
  3. Yeah, stupid Bill Gates. :p :p :p
  4. Actually, the stock started to head downwards after Gates resigned as CEO due to the DOJ. The poor performance of MSFT is due to Ballmer as CEO. I think with only him in charge is very risky. If Gates returned as CEO, I bet the stock would jump five points easily.
  5. No way man...Bill Gates is an IDIOT! :p
  6. It would be a definite plus if Ballmer left MSFT. The guy is a disaster.
  7. If I owned stock in both and heard that both Gates and Buffett were about to leave I would sell immediately.
  8. True that bro. :D
  9. That true bro. :D
  10. if he is the benchmark of an idiot, i'll be happy to be one too....
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