Gates and Buffet features on CBS

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    "Bridge on TV Sunday
    Bridge will be featured on the CBS New Sunday Morning show this weekend (Feb. 17). The show is set to air at 8 a.m. central standard time. Read More...

    The show will feature Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and investment guru Warren Buffett. They were interviewed at the San Francisco NABC talking about youth bridge and the value that learning bridge can be to young people.

    Gates and Buffet funded a program created by the League (based in New Jersey) to write a curriculum for bridge to be taught in schools as part of students’ academic studies. The School Bridge League was created to further their efforts.

    After the interviews in San Francisco, when CBS asked where they could film some young students and players, Atlanta got the nod because of the success of Atlanta Junior Bridge and the coming Youth NABC, set for that city in July.

    Mary Lou Teel, producer for CBS Sunday Morning, arrived in Atlanta Feb. 1 and spent the afternoon filming at Glennwood Academy, an elementary public school in Decatur, and at Pace Academy, a private middle school in Buckhead. The next stop was Saturday morning at the Atlanta Duplicate Bridge Club in Norcross for the AJB game held the first Saturday of every month. Nine tables of players showed what they could do!"

  2. Come on nitro, post the clip... less words, more clips..
  3. Two wealthy people have devised a way to educate children with a $5 deck of playing cards, yet the BOE needs billions more for education because kids aren't learning.
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    I don't know if you are being sarcastic, but inadvertently or not, you don't know how true what you are saying is. Learning to most people means learning to prepare you to get a job, not to be creative and a problem solver.

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - A. Einstein.

  5. aye.. never heard of this $5 deck of playing cards teaching kids anything..? can you plz elaborate??
  6. Education doesn't have to cost billions of dollars. Infact, it's a relatively cheap endeavour, the largest cost being the teacher's pay check. The reason that it does take billions of dollars is because of the huge overhead of people working in education that don't teach.
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    So true, and it's the Federal Gubmint that has the most overhead in education and they don't teach a soul. They just want a say in education because they don't trust the states to educate their own children.
  8. Well, I'm not exactly sure how this will be layed out to the children but bridge is an excellent way to sharpen the mind and highten consentration.

    Buffett and Gates play two handed bridge which, I'm afraid, is far beyond me. It's the difference between chess and 3d chess.
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    the hipocrisy, the guy wants to help the education yet endorses hillary who is the biggest cheerleader for teachers unions there is, these guys are sinking the education level in america but apparently he doesnt mind it
  10. Life's full of tough decisions...what's a billionaire to do?:p
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